10 blog posts that will help you engage via email

Engaging via email communications can be alternately extremely easy or extremely difficult. It can be easy if you are taking your relationship with someone to a venue that is greater than 140 characters. It can actually seem like an incredible luxury at that point. But if you don’t know the people you are emailing, engagement is only one of many concerns. Will you get black-listed? Will your email go directly into a spam filter? Will your message resonate or be deleted?

There are lots of people who are much smarter than me when it comes to the world of email, so I thought I would gather some resources for you. I hope they help!

5 steps to building an email re-engagement campaign, by Magdalena Georgieva over at Hubspot

Premium Content Newsletters: A Case Study, by Christopher Penn

Get Your Email Answered, by Chris Brogan

Email Marketing: How to Push Send and Grow Your Business, by Brian Clark (@copyblogger)

How to send a tasteful apology email, by DJ Waldow (Blue Sky Factory Blog)

Email Marketing for Bloggers, a series by Chris Garrett

5 Tips for Email Marketing Deliverability, by Maria Pergolino over at the MP (MarketingProfs) Daily Fix Blog

The PR Guide to Email Pitching, by Jason Falls

Social Media Runs on Email, by Heidi Cohen

3 Ways to Engage Your Email List, by Tyler Garns

Set Expectations with an Email Routine, by Rebecca Swayze of Aweber

I hope you find these posts as interesting and as helpful as I did. Are there more that should be added to the list? Add ’em in the comments! If your comment doesn’t show up, the URL may have sent it to my spam box. Just let me know and I’ll fish it out for you :)

This is post #48 in the Engagement Series. Just 2 away from the official halfway point! Woohoo! Thanks for sticking with me!

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Judi Knight
Judi Knight

Thanks Margie, great collection of e-mail strategies. I am a fan. My business went way up when I started my weekly newsletter and sent it out each and every Wednesday morning with one Social Media Tip. It allows me to be a litlle more personal and engaging with folks and brings em back to my site.