100 People Who Don’t Get Enough Credit Online

I’ve been trying to keep my mouth shut over the last year or so as list after list comes out that just doesn’t make sense. I’ve seen lists of the most ten influential “philanthropists” that may only include one person who is truly focused on philanthropy on a regular basis, for example. This is suspicious. It’s not to say that the people who tend to make lists aren’t great. However, incorporating big names onto every list that comes around becomes more about link or comment bait and less about actually paying tribute to people.

Last week, a list of the 100 top marketing minds online came before my eyes, and while there were a lot of names I didn’t recognize on there, there were also all of the same names you see on every list, including at least one person who has pointedly said they don’t even like marketing. This was the last straw.Instead of just complaining that deserving people aren’t getting enough credit, I’ve decided to do something about it. I’ve compiled my own list of 100 people who do great things who don’t get nearly enough credit. I am proud to know every single one of these people – so much so that I’ve said 3 good things about all of them. I hope you enjoy!

Philanthropy/Cause Work

1. Estrella Rosenberg (@CharityEstrella) – Founder of Big Love Little Hearts, a ray of sunshine, an inspiration

2. Marc Pitman (@marcapitman) – fundraising coach, bow tie wearer, great guy

3. Angela Daffron (@angeladaffron) – founder of Jodi’s Voice, resilient, kind

4. Molly Cantrell-Kraig (@mckra1g) – founder of Women with Drive, social connector, brilliant writer

5. Ifdy Perez (@ifdyperez) – Amazing editor-in-chief, Razoo master mind, wonderful sense of humor

6. John Haydon (@johnhaydon) – author of Facebook for Dummies, Proponent of social media for NPOs, brilliant blogger

7. Joe Waters (@joewaters) – founder of Selfish Giving, Passionate Red Sox fan, smart as a whip

8. Stacey Monk (@staceymonk) – founder of Epic Change, energy burst, another inspiration

9. Mark Horvath (@hardlynormal) – founder of InvisiblePeople.TV, constant supporter of the homeless, amazing man

10. Jennifer Windrum (@wtflungcancer) – founder of WTFLungCancer (Where’s the Funding), brave woman, strong heart

11. Lauren Meling (@RefugeeDayUSA) – Works on the Blue Key Champions initiative, excellent organizer, passionate worker

Great Minds in Marketing and PR

12. Gini Dietrich (@ginidietrich) – Hardest worker I know, always smiling, admirable woman

13. Shelly Kramer (@shellykramer) – Brilliant writer, amazing sense of humor, neverending kindness

14. Karima-Catherine Goundiam (@karimacatherine) –  chat leader, good question-asker, not afraid to speak her mind!

15. Dawn Westerberg (@dwesterberg) – B2B Master, warm-hearted, strong marketing sense

16. Jeanette Baer (@myagenda) – #usguys community chief, brilliant marketer, amazing friend

17. Michele Price (@prosperitygal) – #speakchat founder, fiery passion, fast-paced thinking *always*

18. Joseph Ruiz (@smsjoe) – co-leader of #usguyschat, social networker, mobile master

19. Fred McClimans (@fredmcclimans) – one of the smartest people I know, great sense of humor, encourages new thinking

20. Alan Berkson (@berkson0) – founder of the Intelligist Group, constant chat contributor, 360 degree thinker

21. Jason Sokol (@jwsokol) – great story-teller, fitness nut, avid and perceptive reader

22. Sam Fiorella (@samfiorella) – founder of #bizforum, perfectly dry sense of humor, pretty smart dude

23. Jeff Wilson (@jeffthesensei) – founder of Sensei Marketing, warm heart, sharp as a tack

24. Geoff Livingston (@geoffliving) – co-author of Marketing in the Round, master photographer, one of my great mentors

25. Brandie McCallum (@lttlewys) – community manager at Sensei Marketing & SeeSaw, infectious personality, great connector

26. Chris Young (@chris_eh_young) – up and coming musician, brilliant man, great speaker

27. Danny Brown (@dannybrown) – speaks his mind, brilliant blogger, VP Partner Strategy at Jugnoo

28. Jayme Soulati (@soulati) – PR Maven, charismatic in the best way possible, brilliant mind

29. Judi Samuels (@chieflemonhead) – wonderful chat contributor, sharp as a tack, warm personality

30. Sherree Worrell (@Sherree_W) – On top of the latest trends, wonderful to talk to, amazing writer

31. Linday Bell (@belllindsay) – Fast wit, strong writer, always hilarious sense of humor

32. Liva Judic (@merrybubbles) – Current project: Overblog. Kind-hearted, multi-lingual genius.

33. Ric Dragon (@ricdragon) – author of Social Marketology, wearer of scarves, one of the kinder people you’ll meet online

34. Laura Click (@lauraclick) – founder of Blue Kite Marketing, marathon master, excellent writer

35. Kaarina Dillabough (@kdillabough) – supportive of everyone she knows, engaging writer, excellent photographer

36. Sean McGinnis (@seanmcginnis) – great speaker, SEO master, does everything and does it well

37. Heidi Cohen (@heidicohen) – Master of actionable marketing, knitter, energetic chat participant

38. Olivier Blanchard (@thebrandbuilder) – author of Social Media ROI, branding weapon, also a multi-lingual genius

39. Jason Konopinski (@jasonkonopinski) – focuses on the creative, fun writer, great storyteller

40. Shonali Burke (@shonali) – Fitness nut, cooking master, founder of #measurepr

41. Michael Brito (@britopian) – SVP of social planning at Edelman, outstanding blogger, brilliant mind

42. Dave Van de Walle (@area224) – founder of Area 224 consulting, the New Frugality blog, and well-versed music lover

43. David Armano (@armano) – EVP at Edelman, co-founder of #allhat, brilliant blogger

44. John Boyle (@brandflair) – Proud Dell employee, proud Texan, smarts with a healthy dose of fun

45. Jean-Paul De Clerck (@conversionation) – founder of #fusionmex & #iscoop, innovative, yet another multi-lingual genius

46. Jillian Jackson (@onejillian) – SEO expert with Dragon Search, funny as all get-out, a great friend

47. Bobby Rettew (@bobbyretew) – storyteller, photographer, videographer

48. Jill Manty (@mantywebdesigns) – co-founder of Manty Web Designs, amazing confidante, smart about all things

49. Aaron Biebert (@biebert) – founder of Attention Era Media, videographer, 8PM Warrior!

50. Tommy Walker (@tommyismyname) – Facebook expert, video master, motivational

51. Brian Vickery (@dbvickery) – tennis champion, writer of smart sports analogies, principal at Mantis

52. Amy Tobin (@amymcctobin) – founder, Ariel Marketing, Milton Hershey School supporter, great sense of humor

53. Ken Mueller (@kmueller62) – Inkling Media, Razoo blogger, supporter of great causes

54. Douglas Rice (@douglaserice) – storyteller, fellow Buckeye, excellent speaker

55. Stacey Hood (@staceyhood) – killer sense of humor, thorn in Sam Fiorella’s side, powerful brain

56. Lisa Alexander (@lisanalexander) – The Marketing Stylist™, powerful pastor, one of my first online friends

57. Arié Moyal (@amoyal) – dark sense of humor, founder of Hug Train, smart, smart dude

58. Susie Parker (@susie_parker) – founder of Sparker Strategy, wonderful social connector, eloquent communicator

59. Amber Naslund (@ambercadabra) – co-founder of Sidera Works, brilliant writer, 2012 TedX speaker

Education Gurus

60. Mark Babbitt (@youternmark) – Founder of YouTern, founder of #internprochat, a man to look up to

61. Ellen Bremen (@chattyprof) – author of Say This Not That to Your Professor, runner, has *great* taste in TV shows

62. Kenna Griffin (@profkrg) – grammar ninja, loves her shoes, so very fun to talk to

63. Chanelle Schneider (@writerchanelle) – founder of #genychat, proponent for young people, powerful writer

People in whom I find inspiration

64. Lisa Petrilli (@lisapetrilli) – Emanates warmth, author of The Introvert’s Guide to Success in Biz & Leadership, dancer

65. Sam Parrotto (@samparrotto) – #usguys leader, spiritual mentor, wise soul

66. Anne Reuss (@annereuss) – engaging personality, brilliant mind, highlighting issues facing the deaf in the job market

67. Steve Woodruff (@swoodruff) – inspirational work in Haiti, leadership expert, sharp mind

68. Danny Garcia (@dannybuntu) – never gives up, one of the hardest workers I know, great father

69. Sumner Musolf (@sumnermusolf) – always a kind word, constant supporter, looks on the bright side

70. Libby Sweiger (@libbytalks) – founder of Living Above the Madness, uses experiences to help others, shining light

71. Angela Maiers (@angelamaiers ) – creator of the #youmatter message, powerful speaker, warm soul

72. Jure Klepic (@jkcallas) – brilliant man, literally seems to know everybody, supportive of all he knows

73. John Feskorn (@johnfeskorn) – #usguys member, looks on the bright side, caring citizen of the online world

74. Dave Reynolds (@thedavereynolds) – Music master, #usguys core member, supporter of the Campbell River Food Bank

75. David McGraw (@davidmcgraw) – #usguys member, positive thinker, great social connector

76. Bill Dorman (@bdorman264) – brilliant writer, great running coach, helps kids stay safe and protected in court cases

77. Claudia Scimeca (@socialmediadds) – inspirational lady, teaches dentists how to use social media, great friend

78. John Falchetto (@johnfalchetto) – life coach, no nonsense advice, supportive of all around him

79. Ameena Falchetto (@ameenafalchetto) – creative designer, excellent writer, mixes marketing and life wisdom

80. Susan Fox (@gagasgarden) – rose wizard, always kind, persevered through a tough injury and a big move

Customer Service Specialists

81. Roy Atkinson (@royatkinson) – master of the one line quip, #custserv greeter, loyal friend

82. Kate Nasser (@katenasser) – Customer service expert, excellent blogger, brilliant woman

83. Tristan Bishop (@knowledgebishop) – motivational mentor, mad rapper, wise man

84. Greg Ortbach (@gregortbach) – fun video-maker, #usguys member, #custserv regular contributor

85. Marsha Collier (@marshacollier) – supportive beyond measure, co-founder of #custserv, prolific author

86. Jeffrey J. Kingman (@jeffreyjkingman) – co-founder of #custserv, culinary nut, smart at everything!

Social Media Smarties

87. Jim Dougherty (@leaderswest) – Engaging community member, funny as heck, excellent, actionable blog posts

88. Tony Bennet (@sociallygenius) – Constant supporter of others, amazing photographer, wicked sense of humor

89. Sarah Arrow (@saraharrow) – savvy business woman, brilliant blogger, engaging communicator

90. Taariq Lewis (@taariqlewis) – engaging #usguys member, brilliant thinker, always ahead of the curve

91. Anne Saulovich (@solete) – original #usguys member, supportive of all around her, on top of every new online development

92. Nick Kellet (@nickkellet) – co-founder of Listly, caring friend, tremendously smart

93. Deep Soni (@xDeepS) – founder of Essence Labs, amazing web designer, excellent social media observer

94. Lisa Gerber (@lisagerber) – chief content officer at SpinSucks, deals with the general public, is always accessible!

95. Allen Mireles (@allenmireles) – fellow Buckeye, gentle soul, succinctly communicates all that she knows

96. Stanford Smith (@pushingsocial) – Master of blogging, newly minted official runner, motivational writer

97. Judy Dunn (@judyleedunn) – Blogging expert, upcoming author, knows how to engage online effectively

98. Raúl Colon (@rj_c) – founder of CIMAPR and #papasheroes, wonderful friend, shining the light on Puerto Rico

99. Tom Webster (webby2001) – VP of strategy at Edison Research, co-founder of The Social Habit, amazing speaker

100. Kat Caverly (@katcaverly) – passionate supporter of copyright laws, actress, fearless online

Now…who did I miss?

1st image credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ivanlian/3284988776 via Creative Commons

2nd image credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/intersectionconsulting/3542116767/ via Creative Commons

3rd image credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jaydubyasee/2771719958/ via Creative Commons

4th image credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/stephee/133745413/ via Creative Commons




Sometimes it's best not to get a lot of credit. Who wants to be made a mockry of by the media?


Honored to be on here Margie! :)


I'm so sorry I'm just now getting here...the coast of Maine captured my attention for a few days. First, thank you! Secondly, I agree wholeheartedly with everyone you've listed here and agree with @amaaanda ... personal recommendations always mean more. 


Now this is a list worth paying attention to... Personal recommendations mean more! :)


- @amaaanda 


What a great list -- it was so thoughtful of you to write a little something about each person. That took some time and effort and you are very kind to do it!




Thanks again for such a privilege. You are in many of my top 3 lists. 



Margie, you are such a gem. I cannot thank you enough for all your support for my cause and for highlighting it here. I love the little nuggets of info you provide for each person. This list is a keeper for me. Will definitely try to get to know many you mentioned. Thanks again, girl. 

share market
share market

Online exposure is not every thing. Giving best of what you are good for is what matters :)


I would add @julito77 and @techguerilla 


I am honored to be included with such amazing people! However, Margie should be here too! 

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 @marjorieclayman you are the dearest! I can only imagine how long this took to do. I shy away from writing things like this because I really don't think I have the chops to write anything this sustained and focused! That being said, thank you so much for mentioning me and "Living Above The Madness". It means so much to me that the word spread about people with bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses get the discussion, treatment and attention they need so desperately need. Calling me a shining light is just over the top ~ I try to let the love of God shine through me, sometimes I get in the way, sometimes not so much. This is a wonderful list, filled with people I admire and written by you Margie whom I love and think are the very coolest! This made my Monday, but I know it will do more than that, encourage me to write more, be better and shine baby shine! Love you my friend! All my thanks and love to @jeanninemorber @scottbaker and @thedavereynolds for helping me find this! :) <3


Margie, I am humbled & inspired, as well as maybe a little bit delighted ;) to be included on this list of extraordinary people. The common thread is that we are all drawn to you and your beacon of brilliance. Thank-you. Susan Fox


This is the kind of list I can relate to - because it's got context, there's a method to your madness here. Some smart people, lots of names I know along w/ a few I don't (and hope to meet soon). FWIW.


Me! You missed me! ;) Nice list filled with people I like.


This is a great list and wonderful resource!  :)


This is such a resource, Margie - I love the list because (1) you provide personal insight into each personality, (2) you provide their twitter ID for quickly following, and (3) this list is done purely out of the goodness of your heart and personal experience...no other bias.


Thanks for including me on the list, Margie. I look forward to our interactions in multiple blog comments sections, Twitter and Facebook on a weekly basis. You are a special lady with a quick wit, generous heart, and fast slap for when we get out of line. Glad to know you...


Oh my goodness! Not only am I thrilled to be on here (and I didn't see it until my pal Eric Martin pointed it out), but I'm thrilled to see:a) so many great friends who deserve it

b) so many people I will now follow and get to know.


'Cause I trust your opinion sincerely Margie. 


Thanks Margie - really enjoyed your rundown of all of those great folks and was humbled to be included!  


I can't tell you how touched I am to be included in this most wonderful of lists, @margieclayman !  I am honored by your kindness and I am honored to be nestled among some really amazing people in the online and offline world!  Thank you so, so much!




Wow Margie what an incredible Monday surprise. I am honored and humbled to be included with this list of folks. Thanks for all you do to bring positive input and value to this space. Smush or some such term of endearment. ;-)


What an awesome list Margie! I'm going to use this list whenever anyone asks me "But I don't know who to follow...". I'd add Amy Vernon ( @AmyVernon), Deb Weinstein (@DebWeinstein), Mila Araujo (@Milaspage and Josepf Haslam (@josepf)


As others stated  below, you belong at the top of the list! It was through you that many of us met many others on the list  - you are truly one of the greatest connectors on the interwebs! Thanks so much @margieclayman, it is an incredible list!

margieclayman moderator

 @libbytalks  More than happy to shine the light on what you're doing, Libby. I think it's brave and marvelous. You deserve recognition for it! 

margieclayman moderator

 @Gaga Oh, kind of you to say, but really, I'm the moth in this scenario. Wait. Does that mean I'm just gonna flop over, burnt to a crisp? I need to reconsider this analogy.

margieclayman moderator

 @3HatsComm Finally, a method to my madness! I've been waiting for one my whole life! :) Thanks lady :)


 @wordwhacker WHATEVER. you get a TON of credit online. At least I have to say you are on my list right next to my buddy Hank, Merle and Blake ;) XOXO

margieclayman moderator

 @LisaPetrilli  I've seen the pictures to prove it! Besides, it makes sense that you're into dancing, you energy spark you :) 

margieclayman moderator

 @MorberMarketing  Aw, thanks lady. actually, most people on this list introduced me to other people on the list. I'm just mushin' em all together :) 


You are right - Amy and MIla and Deb and Josepf are all wonderful. Like I said - I could easily do another 100 and i just might :)