25 posts about Twitter

Alan Berkson asked me to gather up some posts for people who are just getting started on Twitter. I thought that was a pretty good idea. There are a lot of different opinions out there, so it can get pretty confusing. I’ve done my best to gather posts that I myself found really helpful (that does not explain why I included posts I wrote, by the way) or posts that I thought raised some interesting questions about Twitter.

I hope you enjoy!

Getting Started on Twitter

1. How to get your Twitter mojo, by Heidi Cohen

2. 1 Month, 40 Twitter action items, by Margie Clayman

3. How to get started on Twitter in 10 easy steps, by Natascha Thomson

To Follow or Not To Follow…that is the question

4. Being a Twitter Snob is a good thing, by Mitch Joel

5. Bringing down the Twitter snobs, by Mark Schaefer

6. Why I unfollowed everyone on Twitter, by Shama Kabani

7. The fallacy of social media reciprocation, by Amber Naslund

8. Who would you unfollow? by Margie Clayman

9. You are who you follow, by Margie Clayman

10. My Twitter follow-back policy, by Ted Coiné

Engaging on Twitter – Tips and Tricks

11. 9 ways to build a Twitter community with substance, by Amber Naslund

12. 12 tips to engage people on twitter, by Cindy King

13. 10 warning signs your twitter strategy needs a makeover, by Debra Ellis

Twitter Chats

14. Allison Boyer gathered 26 blog posts about Twitter chats over at the Blogworld Blog!

15. 12 most helpful tips for conversing in a twitter chat, by Sam Fiorella

16. 12 most stimulating twitter chats, by Daniel Newman

Twitter and Klout

17. Twitter, Klout, and the Vacation Effect, by Mark Schaefer

18. How much Twitter, Facebook, and Klout matter: a recruiter’s advice, by Tracey John

19. 4 keys to increasing your klout score, by Trey Pennington

20. Is Klout a good judge of your social media influence? by Elijah Young

21. A round-up of posts about Klout  (from the UsBlogs) by Tom Moradpour

Random Twittery goodness

22. 50 ideas on using Twitter for business, by Chris Brogan

23. Of Superman and authentic customer service on Twitter, by Ty Sullivan

24. Taking Twitter engagement seriously (by Charlie the dog and assisted by…) Jason Sokol

25. Sunday Brunch: Twitter as a marketing tool [vlog] by Danny Brown

So there you have it. Twenty-five posts about different facets of the Twittery world. Alan, I hope this is what you had in mind :)

Image by Graham Briggs. http://www.sxc.hu/profile/getwired

Bill Dorman
Bill Dorman

This would have probably saved me a lot of time, but I'm of the belief all things happen for a reason, huh? I think I prefer taking the 'aw shucks' approach because the level of expectations seem to be much lower. I didn't know anybody was actually going to start showing up..............:)

Debra Ellis
Debra Ellis

Hi Margie,

Thank you for including my blog in this post. I'm honored.



Heidi Cohen
Heidi Cohen

Margie-- Thank you for including me in this great round up! It's a really good place to start for Twitter newbies. Happy marketing, Heidi Cohen

Jason Sokol
Jason Sokol


Thanks so much for the mention. Showing up on one of your posts is always a nice reminder that maybe, just maybe, I am headed down the right road.

There are a ton of great links here. I will have to check them out. Now that you have me hooked on Twitter Chats (when I can find the time...), I will definitely be checking out Allison's post for sure.

Hope you are doing well,