About Marjorie Clayman


My name, as you might have guessed from the URL and the title of this page, is Marjorie Clayman. I am using this space to let you know a bit more about me. I hope you take this as an invitation to tell me about yourself too!

I am the Vice President of Client Services at  Clayman Marketing Communications, Inc., a third-generation Akron, Ohio marketing firm. I am the third generation! I am entering my eighth year of work in the marketing field and in that brief time so much has changed. Print has given way to online marketing, and it looks like online marketing may be in the process of giving way to mobile marketing. Websites, once considered somewhat optional, are now a necessity and a sign of credibility for companies. Of course, the biggest change has been the rise, the meteoric rise, of Social Media. When I started working in the marketing field, Twitter and Facebook did not even exist and my blog was on Livejournal. My how the times have changed.

My responsibilities at our marketing firm are varied and numerous, as is the case with so many in the marketing field. My most important job is to keep ahead of trends in the marketing business so that we can prepare our clients fully for what lies ahead. Beyond that, I serve as production manager, head proofreader, and I have my hands in a lot of copywriting, PR, media planning, and Social Media.

In my job away from my job, I dedicate a lot of time to my own Social Media community. I have been blogging on this site for about 1-1/2 years and have had the privilege to grow my Twitter community in the process.

Other places I have written

I have had the great honor and privilege of writing for other sites that I respect a great deal. Here is a list of some of those posts.

How to Get The Attention You Deserve: Published at pushingsocial.com

Why Aren’t You Owning It?: Published at pushingsocial.com

Five Social Media Lessons From Tim Burton: Published at pushingsocial.com

How To Blog, Muppet Show Style: Published at ProBlogger.net

Will Your Blog Be Big? Or Great? Published at ProBlogger.net

Online Success Need Not Be Measured In Enemies: Published at ProBlogger.net

Seven Social Media Lessons From Phil Collins: Published at ConvinceandConvert.com

Don’t Tell Me I’m Wasting My Time: Published at ConvinceandConvert.com

The Online World Is Breeding Cowardice: Published at CarolRoth.com

The Seven Dwarves Present Seven Silly Social Media Myths: Published at businessesgrow.com

The Ten Songs the Rolling Stones Wrote About Social Media: Published at dannybrown.me

Serve Yourself. Ain’t Nobody Gonna Do For You: Published at dannybrown.me

The following are some accomplishments I’m particularly proud of.

Fourth in State of Ohio, Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking, 1994 and 1995

National Qualifier, Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking, 1995

Girl Scout Gold Award Recipient, 1996

Phi Beta Kappa Junior Admission, 1999

Masters In Library And Information Science (Kent State University), 2000

Masters in History (Kent State University), 2003

Featured in Kikolani’s 125 Fearless Women Bloggers (November 2010)

Named one of Twitter’s Top 75 Badass Women by BitRebels.com (February 2011)

Featured as #followfriday by Gini Dietrich at spinsucks.com (July 2011)

Named as one of 40 most approachable A-Listers on Twitter by Business2Community.com (July 2011)

Featured in top 10 Most Influential in Customer Service on Twitter by MindTouch (August 2011)

In my free time

Believe it or not, I do have a smidgin of free time. In those 2-5 minutes, I like to do any of the following:



Crafting (cross stitching, knitting, and crocheting are my favorites)

Watching movies (From the Coen Brothers to Zoolander, I very likely like something you like)

Reading – especially historical books. I can’t shake my one true love!

Cooking – I especially enjoy trying to recreate my favorite restaurant dishes. It doesn’t always work out.

I think that’s enough about me. Now, how about you?






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