Blogs I subscribe to (A Growing List)

Ellen Bremen’s Blog

The Jugnoo Blog

Brian Vickery’s Blog

Amberr Meadows’ Blog

Susie Parker’s Blog

Jason Konopinski’s Blog

Raúl Colón’s Blog

Alan Berkson’s Blog

Geoff Livingston’s Blog

Ameena Falchetto’s Blog

John Falchetto’s Blog

Tom Pick’s Blog

Michael Brito’s Blog

Ken Mueller’s Blog (Inkling Media)

The Switch and Shift Blog (Ted Coiné and Shawn Murphy) (Doug Rice’s blog)

Christopher Penn’s blog

Nancy Davis’ Blog

Dawn Westerberg’s Blog

Rufus the Dog’s Blog

Dr. Claudia Anderson Scimeca’s Blog (for dentists and dental professionals)

Bill Dorman’s Blog

Marcus Sheridan’s Blog

Mark Schaefer’s Blog

John Feskorn’s Blog

Aaron Biebert’s Blog

Gini Dietrich’s Blog

Brankica Underwood’s Blog

Sean McGinnis’ Blog

Jack Steiner’s Blog

Janet Callaway’s Blog

Danny Brown’s Blog

Jay Baer’s Blog

The V3 Blog 

Outspoken Media

Olivier Blanchard’s Blog

Amber Naslund’s Blog

Sharon Greenthal’s Blog  

Paula Lee Bright’s Blog (Your Child Will Read)

Sherree Worrell’s Blog

Elizabeth Pagel-Hogan’s Blog

Peggy Fitzpatrick’s Blog








Some discription of the blog content would make clicking these links more attractive.


Margie, you're the best.  Thanks for including my blog.


Thanks so much for including me!


Thank you very much @margieclayman for including me in your list of blogs that you subscribe to! I am honored and touched!