30Thursday 16: How Sweet It Is!

There were some pretty darned thought-provoking posts this week, which works out well for my “sweet 16″ #30Thursday. Hey, #30Thursday is officially old enough to drive! What does that mean? I have no idea. Moving on then, please absorb and enjoy these tremendous blog posts. I know I did!

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30Thursday 15: On Memorial Day, Summer, and your Customer

Thoughts on Memorial Day. Thoughts about how to let customers know that they really do come first. And thoughts about the promise of summer. Those are just some of the sentiments waving through the posts for this #30Thursday round-up. Enjoy!

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30Thursday 14: Better late than never

1. This post by Jay Baer really got me thinking. If you don’t trust your employees or your sales force to talk online, are you sure you should be depending on them offline? That’s why trust is not a 4-letter word in Social Media. In fact, trust is 100% necessary. Check out this fantastic post.

2. Have you ever tried to explain Social Media or what you do online to someone who has no idea what you’re talking about? Whether it’s your spouse, your parents, or your friends, I’d bet this article by Mark Schaefer will resonate with you. Check out How to Explain Social Media to Your Spouse.

3. Sam Fiorella tweeted out this post by Chris Westfall. The article is called What CEOs Really Want, and it focuses on a study IBM conducted about, well, what CEOs really want. The top quality CEOs are looking for is creativity, above all else. This resonated with me – recently I’ve been blogging here about how traditional media could explode in effectiveness if people just thought about it more creatively. Very interesting study. Check it out and voice your opinions!

4. Mitch Joel raised quite a ruckus with his post called The Truth Behind A Massive Audience. Is less really more? Is more really more? What’s your opinion?

5. Dawn Westerberg and I must be drinking from the same punch bowl. Last week I wrote a post about how to increase your engagement via direct mail campaigns. I’m happy to report that Dawn confirms a lot of the stuff I said about direct mail in that post! Check out Why I still love direct mail – she has some great ideas for you there!

6. Too often, when we think things should be done a certain way, we assume rather quickly that any other way of doing it is completely wrong. Clay Forsberg tackles this topic in his post, Are you smart enough…to know you might not be that smart? Great story to illustrate the point. A must-read.

7. So you want proof that Social Media works? Check out this post by Louise Findlay-Wilson called How Twitter Can Drive Sales – a Tale of Marsha and Me. The Marsha in the story is Marsha Collier, and the story is how Louise ended up buying one of Marsha’s books after following Marsha for a few months on Twitter.

8. Jason Sokol always finds the most interesting comparisons to make his point. He wrote a post about how preparing to do the deadlift was very similar to preparing to blog – both efforts require caution, spotters (to see if you are doing things in the best way possible), and patience (plus maybe a touch of endurance). Check out Deadlifting Your Way To Blogging Success (and I’m not including this just because I was very kindly mentioned!)

9. Extremely powerful post from Ms. Nancy Davis. She confesses that she thinks of herself as an emotional chicken. Do you suffer from the same problem? Read her post for hope and support.

10. Carol Verity does an excellent breakdown regarding whether businesses *need* Social Media Marketing. Some good pros and cons to think about. Share your thoughts with Ms. Carol!

11. Speaking of great women named Carol, Carol Roth wrote a fabulous post, pointed and true, called When You Want Something Built, You Don’t Start With the Guy With the Hammer. This post is a reflection on the now famous Gary Vaynerchuk exclamation that 99.5% of Social Media experts are clowns. Food for thought, ladies and gents :)

12. In my opinion, Ingrid really could have published this post as an e-book. This is one of the most thorough break-downs of a company’s use of Social Media that I have seen, and I’ve been researching in this space for about 4 years now. Check out British Airways “gets” Social Media, and you are guaranteed to learn something!

13. I saw this article tweeted out and it caught my attention. Maybe it caught yours as well, because it was called 7 Mistakes of Social Media Wimps. Written by Sally Hogshead, the post (per the name) suggests 7 mistakes that might be watering down your online presence. Do you agree with this advice?

14. The number 7 was big this week. Justin Goldsborough wrote a post lining up 7 reasons why he blogs. I like his goose bumps reason best. What do you think? And why do you blog?

15. Do you trust your customers? Sam Fiorella argues that your customers will probably find it difficult to trust you if you don’t establish how much you trust them first.  That means listening, researching what your customers want, and…well, read Sam’s post to hear the rest!

16. Anorexia and bulimia are often thought of as diseases that afflict young Caucasian women. Like most diseases, these two disorders do not carry prejudices. They will affect anyone, including women in their 50s and 60s. This touching post by Laura Fenamore tells the story of one such woman and how art helped her recover her soul and her life. A must read!

17. Would you pay money for a transcript of a chat like #blogchat? Mack Collier poses this very interesting question on his blog. Weigh in!

18. Judy Helfand got inspired just like I did by Jay Baer’s post on trust. Her perspective spans different times and different working environments, which serves to make her perspective rich and fascinating. Check out her post called Social Media Trust is like wearing a lapel pin, and voice your opinions!

19. My friends Ian Rountree and Nic Wirtz have started a cool new project called Hard Refresh. Aimed at folks who might be suffering from Social Media fatigue, Hard Refresh will offer you companionship and ideas as you strive to get your groove back. The better explanation was written by Ian over at the site. Check it out! :) (and I happen to have a post over there too).

20. It’s always a treat to read Debra Ellis’ blog posts. This particular one takes her immense knowledge and breaks it down into 10 Social Networking Do’s and Don’ts. Check this post out and read it carefully, because each point is significant!

21. You may not agree with every single one of these tips from Jeff Bullas, but with 50 Social Media Marketing tips and tactics to choose from, you’re bound to find quite a few great ideas in there. Give it a read!

22. I love this post by Rufus the Dog (He types so durned well for a puppy, don’t you think?) about the definitive difference between a journalist and a blogger. Do you agree? Voice your opinions!

23. There is a beautiful, powerful message buried within this post by Mary Biever. In Treasure in Weeds Behind the Barn, Mary describes how some of the best strawberries can be found in areas most people don’t bother to look. How can you apply this to your life? Yeah, it got me thinking, too.

24. I am so excited about Razoo, an organization for NPOs that includes John Haydon, Geoff Livingston, Estrella Rosenberg, and Alexandra Bornkessel. The group aims to help social causes promote themselves in stronger, more effective ways, and you can tell they’re off to a great start with this post by John Haydon, 11 benefits of blogging for your nonprofit. Check out the post, check out the group!

25. This post by Alban for SavvySexySocial.com is a fabulous list of resources if you are interested in exploring some new Social Media sites. There were a lot on this list I hadn’t heard of. Have you heard of all 30? Let your voice be heard!

26. Geoff Livingston asks the question that has been rolling around in my head for quite some time now. Infographics. Art or Porn? Funny take on the sensation that, along with Bieber Fever, is taking over the internet. What do you think about these colorful little pie charts?

27. Another awesome post for social good from Gini Dietrich – 5 ways you can help Joplin, Missouri. We had an extremely bad storm here in my neck of the woods last night that was not a tornado, but sure scared the heck out of me. It’s hard to imagine what those folks are going through.

28. Like Molly Campbell, I’m pretty sure I have 2 right brains. How about you? Hilarious, charming post, as per usual.

29. Ever wonder why your  boss always seems impatient with you? Kate Nasser has an answer – fear. Or as she would say in her post – don’t scare the bejeebers out of them :) A hilarious yet extremely thoughtful post!

30. For post number 30, I give you the number 60. Or rather, Heidi Cohen does. This post of hers, Blog Checklist: 60 Must-Have Items, is absolutely killer, stellar, and in every way awesome. Check it out!

Image by Michal Zacharzewski. http://www.sxc.hu/profile/mzacha

30Thursday 13

Posts over the last week ranged from actionable ideas for marketers and Social Media users to how to live life more fully to how to make a real difference in the world. I really enjoyed each and every one of these posts and am proud to showcase them here. I hope you enjoy them!

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30Thursday number 12: we’re back!

Battles. Passion. And a dash of how-to content. That’s what was in the mix the last week in the blogosphere!

Welcome back to #30Thursday, a concept I started last year, put on hiatus in November, and am now bringing back – but with a few changes.
Originally, the idea was that I would get recommendations of posts to include here. Unfortunately, most people ended up recommending their own posts instead of other folks’ posts, which was not the idea. So, I’m pickin and choosin this time around.

What hasn’t changed is that I’d be more than happy for you to start posting your own #30Thursday or #13thursday or whatever you’d want to do. This is about sharing great content and promoting other people.

And on that note, let me get out of the way and wave you towards #30Thursday curation #12. Enjoy!

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#30Thursday number 11 for 11/11

I wish I could say that I planned, 11 weeks ago, for #30Thursday number 11 to happen on November 11th. However, there is no way I am that organized. I also did not plan, in the beginning, for #30Thursday to fall on Veterans Day. However, I am kind of glad that it worked out this way. On a day when we stop and think about people who are far from home, who are far from home because they are fighting for our right to sit on our tushes and read blog posts, it seems fitting to share knowledge. Because really, in the end, all wars are about maintaining the ability to be ourselves, right? And who we are in this instant are people who want to read, learn, and share. With that, I give you 30 fantastic posts this week, two of which relate specifically to the importance of today. Enjoy!

1. The first post for this week is by Michelle Davidson, and it’s called Marketing and Sales Must Work Together, Not Point Fingers. If you are a scholar/fan of Integrated Marketing & Communications, this post is a must-read!

2. Tom Moradpour tweeted out this post by Heidi Cohen, which compares Twitter to a cocktail party. Heidi does a great job of pointing out that a lot of people send out 3 tweets, then leave without seeing how people respond. You wouldn’t do that at a party, right? Well, let’s hope not, anyway :)

3. It might shock you that I’m including a post about Klout given my previously verbalized feelings about Klout. However, this post by BrightMatrix, tweeted out by my friend Quality1, is the best post on Klout I have ever seen. Check out New Metrics Are No Excuse to Continue a Pattern of Lazy Analytics: An Example Using Klout and see why Klout is just the beginning of the analysis process!

4. Amber Cleveland AND Beth Harte tweeted out this post by @ConversationAge (Valeria Maltoni) so I knew it had to be good. When you read Why PR is Misunderstood and Misapplied, you begin to see that PR and Marketing departments have a lot of work to do when it comes to defining themselves in this new age of Social Media. Well written, fascinating post!

5. Cheryl Burgess wrote a really powerful post this week about crisis management in Social Media. As it turns out, 1/3 of all global CEOs are not prepared to deal with a Social Media crisis. This should not scare you away from Social Media. Rather, it should emphasize how key it is to have a plan.

6. Saw this post tweeted out by @socialanswers and it’s a good one. Written by Seth Kravitz, you definitely want to check out Social Media Is Not Just A Fad. Phew.

7. Are you blogging your heart out but seemingly not getting any reaction to your works of art? Mark Schaefer gives you ten reasons to keep on blogging. Fantastic post.

8. My friend @CelsiusMI tweeted out this amazing treasure trove of information from Mashable. Bookmark this post, called 32 New Social Media Resources You May Have Missed, by Zachary Sniderman.

9. Want a chance to participate in a study that sounds really really interesting? My friend Linda Machado tweeted about this post. Visit Tiffany Monhollon’s post, “How Does Social Media Affect Trust Between PR & Journalists?” and then participate in her study!

10. CPollittIU tweeted out this post by Kyle Placy. Social Media has become so much a part of our daily lives that a new device has been created to measure tweet levels in major cities. Placy explains more in his post called The Social Integration of Twitter.

11. Apart from the views on agencies present in this post, there is lots of food for thought in this post by Eric Brown. Give Is Content Marketing the New Advertising” a read, over at Jason Falls’ Social Media Explorer. Tweeted out by my friend @amoyal.

12. David Crouch of ten24 Web Solutions wrote a really neat post summarizing last weeks #IMCChat and also discussing influence as it applies to companies. Definitely beyond the realm of Klout here. Read Three Characteristics of Influential Companies and enjoy!

13. My friend Allen Mireles said it all when she said, “You need to read this post yesterday.” Just when I thought my #30Thursday was kinda cool, Danny Brown published 317 Ways To Succeed in Social Media. Everything in the world you could ever want to know in 1 post!

14. Hopefully Jason Mikula thinks my #30thursday title is okay, but he makes a great point about folks who use numbers in their blog headlines. Well-researched and well written!

15. My friend Cate Colgan sent me this post from Epic Thanks. Today, Veterans Day, we send our virtual respect to a veteran who is doing so much to help other veterans. A changemaker defined.

16. The amazing Lou Imbriano encourages you to look always for that new beginning. He did, and he is all the happier for it, even if not everyone can understand it.

17. One thing we don’t hear much about in this era of Social Media is how it might be making people more accountable for what they say and do. My friend Tristan Bishop ponders this in a post he wrote called “The Age of Accountability.” Voice your opinions!

18. Always wondered exactly what metrics you should look at when it comes to Social Media? Social Media Examiner tells you the 8 Social Media Metrics You Should Be Measuring! Fantastic information there.

19. Sometimes, we take for granted that our friends know we appreciate them. Beth Hoffman didn’t take that risk and used her blog to highlight a friend of mine – Molly Campbell. A beautiful post by Beth followed by a hilarious piece by Molly. What could be better?

20. My poor friend Gaga decided to generate her own real-life content to blog about. Crazy lady – wish her healing vibes as you read about why Gaga should stay in the garden - and off her feet for awhile!

21. An important topic and an insightful interview can be found if you read What Can We Do To Help The Troops in Afghanistan. On this important day, check this post out!

22. This week at pushingsocial.com, Stan tells you the new rules for winning the blog game. Is it a lot of work? You betcha. But he will help you along the way!

23. Suzanne Vara took a post by Chris Brogan about community as currency and put her own spin on it, asking whether your community is an asset, currency, or both. What do you think?

24. My friend Joe Ruiz (@SMSJoe) said I must include this post by Matt Ridings, who wrote the post over at Brass Tack Thinking. The post is called Judgment Day: Social Media and Your Front Lines, and interestingly, it treats a theme other posts this week dealt with – how to prepare for Social Media crises. More than that, though, Matt points out what few do – training for crisis management begins with your HR department and the hiring process.

25. One great thing about following Kay Whitaker and Amber Cleveland of Sterling Hope is that you gain very interesting insights into the new world of publishing. In her post Perpetual Outsider, Kay talks about how few people out there are offering book reviews for e-books only. And yet…Amazon claims that e-books are outselling print. Something askew there?

26. My friend @knowledgebishop tweeted out this amazing post by Ty Sullivan, which appeared over at FohBoh. When it comes to customer service, it all comes back to a Beatles Song: Let It Be. Such an interesting and detailed take on the Beatles and customer service, all in one post :)

27. Wise wise words from my friend Maya Paveza this week. Expectations Help Avoid Discomfort, and by the way, discomfort can be really uncomfortable!

28. Dawn Westerberg offers advice that would make John Jantsch proud. In her post called Prime the Pump of Your Referral Engine, Dawn notes that if someone is not a good match for you, lead them in the direction of someone who could help them. They’ll appreciate it and you, and that kind of buzz is good to spread!

29. Remember when Pay-Per-Click ads were all the rage? Shannon Suetos, guest posting over at ConvinceandConvert.com, wonders if Twitter Advertising is a threat to PPC. It might be the end to banner ads as well.

30. Finally, rounding out the week, I include Chris Brogan’s post called Absorb Emulate and Innovate. Where does emulation end and stealing begin? Give it a read!

#30Thursday number 10 (we’re in the double digits?!?)

Wow. The tenth #30Thursday already. Every week that I do this, I become more and more astounded at the brilliance that is out there just waiting to be read and shared. This week, great ideas seemed to be a common theme, along with some interesting and detailed evaluations of our world as it is today. I feel privileged to have read all of these posts. I hope you feel the same way!

1. Post number one was tweeted out by Jonathan Fields, and I’m so glad I saw it. This post by Lynn Terry, a “2500 Word Rant” about the world of online marketing, is absolutely brilliant!

2. Martine Hunter tweeted out this post by Billy Mitchell. Called “A B2B Marketing Idea Takes Flight on Twitter,” the post discusses the B2BTOTY program, which rewards Twitterers for building community, not just for getting tons of followers. Billy also mentions many great people for whom he is casting a vote. Check it out!

3. This next post, by Christopher Penn, combines so many things I adore into one post that it’s almost too good to be true. In “What Vintage Ads Can Teach You About Email Marketing,” Penn notes that the way vintage ads from the late 19th, early 20th century presented information can be instructive for today’s email marketers. Truly brilliant!

4. Sometimes PR gets a bad name, and sometimes there’s a reason for that. However, in this post that Beth Harte tweeted out, Melinda Travis notes that sometimes PR, even in the world of sports, can do some good. Check out “What’s Right with Public Relations” when you have a chance!

5. Diana Freedman is clearly after my heart. Check out her post at Hubspot called “The 9 Worst Ways to Use Twitter for Business.” You’ll see what I mean (see especially number 5) :)

6. Lisa Petrilli wonders where courage comes from and which leaders have it. Amazing post. No, I’m not saying that just because her image is a photo she took at Antietam. Hmph. :)

7. @PrTini asks, “Can you measure the ROI of Customer Service?” Where does PR end and customer service begin? Can you measure either one in the world of Social Media?

8. Amber Naslund reminds us that with Social Media, we have the unique opportunity to engage in Difference Making. What could be more important than that?

9. Brian Solis discusses a new and rising 5th “c” of community, Social Commerce. Amazing eye for detail, chock-full of great information. Check it out!

10. My friend @galactic gave me the heads up on this amazing post by @thebrandbuilder called “Why Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns Aren’t Working.” A big dose of truth in an outstanding, detailed, and even funny post.

11. Speaking of @galactic (whom you might know as Cristian Gonzales), he wrote a fantastically interesting post pondering the difference between “true” and “the truth.” Give it a read!

12. The difference between a true role model and someone who calls themselves an expert is action. Beth Harte wrote a post called It’s Time To Get To Work. Arm Yourself With Knowledge. She makes the point that reading is one of the best weapons (or tools) you can have. Instead of just stopping there, though, she proceeds to give an amazing list of books to read in different disciplines. Bookmark this post!

13. Allison Boyer asks, “Where are the Remarkable Bloggers?” It’s probably not what you think :)

14. This post by Mitch Joel, called Being a Twitter Snob is a Good thing, presents (eloquently) one view of the Twitter follow issue.

15. It inspired Mark Schaefer to write a response called Bringing Down the Twitter Snobs. Also eloquently stated!

16. Liz Strauss tweeted out this post by Jael Strong, which was posted at successful-blog.com. Bid Farewell to Bad Blogging: Edit! I agree with Jael 100% – you can have great ideas, but if you can’t use language well, the beauty of those ideas may get lost amidst the distraction of grammatical errors or typos. Careful is as careful does!

17. Lisa Petrilli tweeted this post by her #leadershipchat co-founder Steve Woodruff, who guest posted on Angela Maiers’ blog (phew!). In this post, Steve offers a fantastic definition for passion.

18. Marsha Collier tweeted this post and the title caught my eye – turns out it’s a fantastic article by Pauline Ores at Econsultancy.com. The post is called Five Reasons NOT to Hire THAT Social Media Expert. Pauline discusses some good signals to look for when deciding if someone is *truly* an expert or if they are just a self-proclaimed guru.

19. My friend @WriterChanelle runs a really great site for Generation Y non-grads called There From Here. This week, she featured a guest post by Julia Zunich called 5 Realistic Reasons to Find Summer Internships NOW. It’s a truly great read no matter where you are in your career’s life cycle, but I think particularly useful for Chanelle’s target audience.

20. My bloggy BFF @pushingsocial tweeted out this post from Kikolani.com. Written by Srinivas Rao, the post is called How to make a blogging advice implementation plan. Mr. Rao points out that we all read tons of blogs that offer great advice. We probably say, “Wow, that’s great advice!” But do we actually follow all of that advice? Food for thought.

21. Speaking of Mr. PushingSocial, his post this week got quite a lot of buzz, and deservedly so. Check out What To Do If Your Blog Isn’t Awesome. If anyone can tell you how to make the awesome, it’s @pushingsocial :)

22. My friend @knowledgebishop sent me this fantastic post by Gerry McGovern over at MarketingProfs. The post argues that a lot of online marketers are still living in the past with “needy” marketing tactics. The new way to market is to use support and make the entire learning/purchasing process a positive. Major ramifications for both customer service and marketing. What do you think?

23. Do you think that concepts like integrated marketing or customer-centric organizations are tricky to understand? You’ll be amazed at how simple @wilsonellis makes these concepts. 1 little picture, a bit of explanation, and you’re good to go. Check out The Marketing Solar System.

24. My friend Dawn Westerberg offers a reminder that the past is, well, in the past, or as Fleetwood Mac might say, Yesterday’s Gone. Don’t let the past bog you down!

25. Suzanne Vara’s jewel of brilliance this week has to do with the morning after. No, not that one. After election day! Suzanne asks if there is personal branding in politics. More to the point, would politicians succeed with their negative campaigning if Social Media was their primary medium? Interesting to ponder, non?

26. I was talking to Molly Campbell about the work I was doing for Social Media Safety. Her response was to write this post, called Sticks and Stones, or Bullying for Dummies. It’s cute and funny, but there is also a good question there. What are bullies thinking? It’s a great piece!

27. Feeling a little burnt out? Feeling a little sore, either physically or emotionally? Jason Sokol has 2 creativity tools that will knock your socks off! Tell him what you think of them once you try them!

28. My friend (and new papa!) Tommy Walker uses some of the characters from Office Space to explain how companies could benefit from encouraging the use of Facebook. Very interesting read!

29. Kay Whitaker and Amber Cleveland of Sterling Hope are not just active entrepreneurs – they are entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in the world. Now is your chance to help them out. Check out “the new deal for charity“!

30. This was a beautiful post by Chris Brogan. It got a lot of attention (rightfully so). The message is important in these crazy times. Read What We Let Slip Away.

#30Thursday Post Number Nine (Yes it’s fine!)

Well, I have to say, I am pretty excited about how this week’s #30Thursday turned out. There are a few resounding themes, and I’d love to say that I planned it this way, but this is just what people are writing. They are writing about bullying and why they care. They are writing about how to be the best you you can be. They are writing about how to lift others up.

Pretty amazing, huh? I think so too.

And no, I probably won’t make all of the titles of my #30thursday posts rhyme – but it’s fun in the meantime. Please enjoy these fantastic posts!

1. The first post this week comes from @LouImbriano, who notes wisely that our focus should be on building, not selling. Scott Stratten of Unmarketing would adore this post :)

2. A very thoughtful post by @Juliemangano called “I was bullied.” I think a lot of people will be able to relate to this post. It reminds us that bullying, whether online or offline, can leave deep scars that are hard to forget and hard to ignore.

3. Mike Myatt wrote one of the best definitions of influence I have seen. How to create lasting influence – a post that shows influence is probably more than just about numbers and who clicks what.

4. My friend Paul Konrardy sent me this post from ProBlogger Darren Rouse. It’s from 2007, showing that the problem of online bullying has been going on for quite some time. Check out What A Buddhist Monk Taught Me About Blogging

5. This post created quite an uproar across Social Media sites. Great post by SME Examiner regarding three myths about guest posting. Lots of actionable items to think about here!

6. My friend @CelsiusMI brought this post from, well, MediaPost, to my attention: “Why Marketers Shouldn’t Give Up on Twitter,” by Jessica Michaels

7. This was a really interesting post by Alan Belniak for MarketingProfs (The Daily Fix). I saw Jason Falls tweet it out. If that isn’t a clue how great this post is, I don’t know what to tell you :) So check out Are you really marketing or just advertising?

8. My friend David McGraw has a great idea for the month of November – remind yourself of why you should be grateful every day, all month. It’s a project called 30 Days of Gratitude. Are you in? Because I sure am!

9. My new friend @Greetums, who has been a major supporter of my efforts in the Social Media Safety project, wrote a beautiful and insightful post called Confessions of a Bully. A must read for sure.

10. @melissa_ful tweeted this post to me by Ezra Klein, and I think he has a great message: Why it gets better. Neat way to piggy-back on the “It gets better” campaign.

11. @galactic sent me this extraordinary post from August Turak at AdAge.com. In What Bolsters the Bottom Line? Selfless Marketing, Turak invokes Joseph Campbell’s concept of the hero’s spiritual journey and what advertisers can learn from the success of movies like Devil Wears Prada. Read this extremely interesting post, and you won’t regret it!

12. My friend Heidi Cohen got published at Clickz.com. Her post, titled Stop Experimenting with Social Media, offers some fantastic actionable items for integrating Social Media into your marketing efforts. Some of the comments she received are a bit shocking as well.

13. This was a fun post that my friend @gagasgarden recommended. By Clint Franzen, “It all started with a call to a local guy offering guitar lessons in piano” notes the wonder of seeing a student exceed expectations and head right towards the pinnacle of great success.

14. Speaking of my friend Gaga, she has a delightful little post this week about greenhouses, tequila, and how kids will hold on to the strangest sayings :) Check out OUI Built a Prefabricated Greenhouse for $142.00 by this lovely lady.

15. Is “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” the best approach? Carol Phillips tweeted out a post by Mariam Shahab that ponders this question, and whether it’s just Generation Y that doubts this old adage.

16. My friend Tommy tweeted out this very useful post from Hubspot.com called 6 Easy Ways to Get More Visitors To Your Blog. A must-read!

17. My friend Allen Mireles tweeted out an interesting post written by Erica Naone for The Technology Review. The post is titled Social Coupons: Good for Business? The answer might surprise you. Then again, it might not :)

18. My bloggy bff @pushingsocial said this post was a must-read. I would tend to agree, although again it might be a bit self-serving posting a link to this from #30Thursday. Still, the info is great! Curating Information as Content Strategy, by Valeria Maltoni

19. Jordan Cooper (@notaproblog) wrote an outstanding post for Jason Falls’ Social Media Explorer called Community Managers: Whose Best Interests Do You Serve? The question extends to any portion of the marketing world these days. A lot to ponder here.

20.  Chris Brogan introduced me to a fellow named Jim Mitchem, who wrote a FABULOUS post on the bullying issue, simply called On Bullying. Jim comes at the issue from a logical space, and he creates a great read.

21. An amazing Vlog by Keith Ferrazzi called Your Turning Point. Who was there at the moment in your life when you needed someone the most?

22. Suzanne Vara’s fantastic post of the week for me was 8 Tips for Embracing Change in Social Media. Suzanne and I agree that a lot of what advertising taught marketers can be carried over into the world of Social Media. She details why, beautifully as always, in this post.

23. Sure, I’m biased, but I think this post by Jay Baer rocked the house. The 7 New Roles Agencies Must Play to Survive Real-Time Business. For insights into the ever-changing world of us agency folk, go here!

24. Megan Knight hits another one all the way out of the ballpark over at DawnWesterberg.com. Expanding on her original post, which I highlighted last week, Megan details how nonprofits can use Facebook, and best practices. Tremendous information!

25. @tommyismyname notes that we seem to be heading to a world where Minority Report seems kind of feasible. Normally, this would scare my wee pants off. However, Tommy writes about The Future of Marketing so well I’m almost kind of excited about it. Almost. :)

26. This post by Mark Dykeman is really really interesting – a game of “Where’s Waldo” with truly severe societal ramifications. Check out Develop your observational skills by spotting the photoshopping. Great post!

27. Jason Mikula did not rest on his laurels after last week’s fantastic post about Apple and customer service. This week, Jason analyzes a spectrum of Twitter customer service, then explains how companies can use Twitter to respond the right way. Give part 2 of Customer Service in the Social Media Era a read!

28. My friend Patrick Prothe wonders if there is room in business for kindness. This is a very detailed post, a mixture of helpful information and the human touch.

29. One great thing about my friend Maya (@MayaREGuru) is that she makes you want to jump up and save the world with her posts. Point of Ignition is no exception. I love reading uplifting blog posts like this!

30. I really thought this post by Chris Brogan, called Move On, was interesting. What is kind of a thorn in my business side (Social Media conferences) is like the kitchen table at home for him and many others. And yet, we all have a kitchen table somewhere, don’t we? What really matters, though, is what you do beyond it.

#30Thursday Lucky number seven!

Well friends, here we are. Lucky number seven! This is a weird week because so many people were getting ready for BlogWorld. I like to think of this as my own personal blogworld. Maybe that’s just making me feel better about not going to the real thing :) Anyway, I think there are some real gems once again for you to peruse. Give these writers mass kudos!

1. I debated whether to highlight this 1st post. It was so well written, and the advice was so good, I couldn’t pass it up. The post was written by Joshua Noerr for ProBlogger and it’s about how doing good blogging deeds can actually grow your blog’s traffic. I debated only because I didn’t want you all to think that it was self-serving including it in a #30thursday post, but I hope you all know that I don’t give a care about my traffic in comparison to helping people network and share. So there it is!

2. Jason Sokol has a really great post covering 5 things about blogging he wishes he had known in the past. Save yourself some time for the future and read this great post!

3. The great thing about Beth Harte is that she doesn’t just write about the Gap rebranding debacle. She also provides you with a ton of really great resources about other Social Media missteps. Check out her post called What were they thinking. You’ll find yourself wondering the same thing!

4. Really smart post from @B2CMarketingInsider asking whether it is ever appropriate to discount. When competing, our first instinct is to slash prices, but that can get us into trouble later.

5. Dawn Westerberg has another great post up. The logic has been that if you have certain numbers in your portfolio, you’ll be a successful marketer. What happens if marketing becomes a game of trying to reach tons of individual potential customers, though? “The Power of 1″ will have an entirely new meaning!

6. Oliver Blanchard (The Brand Builder) wrote a really interesting post called 6 Common habits of Highly Effective Social Media Rock Stars. It doesn’t exactly paint a stellar picture of some of those super klouty folks we hear a lot about. This was brought to my attention by my friend Cristian Gonzales. Blanchard also references a post by Liz Strauss, so in fairness…

7. Liz Strauss wrote a post called Five Signs that a Social Media Star’s Reputation is Spin. Oddly enough, I hadn’t seen either of these posts when I wrote mine called “Are you practicing what you preach.” I guess something is in the air!

8. Cristian Gonzales also recommended this post by Mack Collier. You know how I always rant and rave about numbers in Social Media? Mack PROVES why numbers are silly in this post called Too many social media numbers are completely useless. Amen, Mack!

9. Lou Imbriano blogs at RelationshipArchitecture.com. His post is about using Social Media for sports, but his wisdom extends to anyone using Social Media. Great stuff here!

10. Over at SocialMediaToday, Jon Burg wrote a post whose title says it all: “Is Social Media Child Friendly.” Short title, huge topic!

11. My friend @knowledgebishop really was ambitious this week, not only blogging but vlogging! His point: Bring your whole self to work in Social Media. Or put another way – don’t be afraid to have a wee bit of fun :)

12. My friend @tommyismyname did a fantastic post that is, wait for it…at ProBlogger.net! Yes indeed. It’s ProBlogger quality, too. Using Inception marketing. It will put Facebook advertising into a new and helpful perspective.

13. My new friend @gagasgarden brings a refreshing approach to her blog – funny, cute, but really useful. Check out this post about what gardening and any great job that brings success have in common!

14. Susan Murphy wrote a great post for my friend Mark Dykeman’s site, ThoughWrestling.com. Her post is called Drawing Inspiration from Others, and it’s a reminder that sometimes it’s important to take in great music, beautiful art, or a great book, just to remind you of where your own passion lives and breathes.

15. Struggling with how to get your arms around everything going on in Twitter? My friends at MentorMarketing have you covered. Check out this post, which focuses a lot on a great product called TweetGrid.

16. Sue Young snagged a great interview with David Pogue. Check out this informative post on how Web 2.0 is impacting PR and Business. Great insights here!

17. Mary Biever wrote a tremendous post explaining what can happen when a company works together in an integrated fashion. Think orchestra versus solo. Great analogy!

18. Cristian Gonzales (@galactic) wrote a really helpful post about Twitter No-Nos. For example, is it okay to jump into a conversation? How do you do that? Great post to read, especially if you’re new to Twitter.

19. Josh Chandler wrote a heckuva post about why personal advocacy in Social Media works.over at Suzanne Vara’s blog. Great stuff!

20. I am going to risk looking like an egotistical maniac…this post from Stan Smith @pushingsocial was just astounding – 29 No-Brainer Tips for Quick Blogging Success. Yes, I am mentioned. I’d love it regardless :)

21. MayaREGuru asks if some folks are interested in doing Social Media more than doing Social Media the right way. She writes about Real Estate agents, but it’s a good question for any industry you’re in.

22. Laura Petrolino wrote a post responding to the TechCrunch article about women and start-ups. I thought her approach was excellent. Check out Women Want to Run Startups, Have Children, Own a Farm…and they Can! Lots of interesting perspectives.

23. One thing I love about @FredMcClimans is that he always makes me realize how much more there is to learn. Fred hosted B2B chat last week and the topic was Analyst Relations. I need to learn a lot about this! To give you an example, check out Outsourcing Analyst Relations: A Viable Option, which is Fred’s latest post.

24. I adore Molly Campbell’s writing style. This post, Don’t Touch Me, I’m Sterile is so true…and hilarious!

25. I really liked this post by Amber Naslund this week. You’re Already a Community Manager. I’ll bet you are!

26. Seeing a lot of #projectpink hashtags on Twitter? Kristi Colvin explains why – and asks you to help!

27. A reminder from Geoff Livingston that the average person doesn’t care a jot about Social Media best practices. How can we use that reminder to make sure we use Social Media to do good?

28. I enjoyed this post by my friend Lisa Alexander, called off the grid. I often think how nice it would be to be unplugged, but I always seem to remember just one more thing I need to do, and then away I go. How about you?

29. Do you think better when you are walking around or even running? Running to Create, by Jonathan Fields over at MyEscapeVelocity explores that phenomenon.

30. Chris Brogan wrote a post called Start from Nothing 2011. If you feel like you’re starting from nothing, or maybe if you really are, this post will get you revving your engines.

#30Thursday number six? Already?!

Every week, I get more and more excited about the blogs I have the privilege of highlighting. What is really delighting me is that more than half of the posts that you see below were referred to me by other people. Some recommended their own posts, others recommended posts by other people – but the spirit of sharing blogs is seeming to be something that’s catching on, and that fills me with a great sense of accomplishment – already! But that’s not an invitation to make it stop.

Lots of diverse topics again this week. Some topics that are controversial and thought provoking, some topics that are just plain helpful. I loved reading all of these, and I sure hope you do as well. Keep reading. Keep writing.

1. The first post for this week came in about 5 minutes after I posted #5! My friend @WilsonEllis wrote a post based on some advice she had given me about #30Thursday. I was sending folks to lots of external links, but not giving them a way back. In Debra’s words, I was sending folks down the rabbit hole. She explains how to avoid such problems!

2. My friend @FutureJennD recommended this next post – a playful one that has a lot going on underneath. From the Diary of Noah’s Wife, by Mary Biever.

3. A beautiful post from @DWesterberg titled “We probably wouldn’t be friends in real life.” How many people have you met via Social Media that you probably would never have met otherwise? My life is all the richer for having met the people I have.

4. The whole push behind this next site, which the wonderful @CateTV recommended, is really neat. This is a link to the most recent post for Epic Change. The message? Give Epic Thanks. Indeed.

5. My friend @oneJillian did a really interesting post that incorporated a Vlogger’s video about why you don’t necessarily need to jump on Twitter. An interesting perspective if you’re not sure Twitter is for you. This’ll get ya thinking!

6. @ckburgess sent me another outstanding post by Brian Slattery. This time, the topic focuses on how simple is better when it comes to authentic branding. Great post (especially if you’re a literature nut! Beowulf is involved!)

7. Rhonda Hurwitz pointed me in the direction of a great post by @techguerilla (Matt Ridings) over at Jay Baer’s ConvinceandConvert.com. The sticky issue of ROI and Social Media returns again. Excellent topic, excellent post!

8. @CateTV recommended that I check out the blog of @danacreative. The first post that I saw, called When Betrayal and Chaos Intervene, is a chilling read, but one that makes you wonder if the world is still a place where it’s safe to do good deeds.

9. Brian Solis writes about the perception of brands and branding in the wake of Social Media. Are brands being diluted while people believe they can reach more people than ever? Recommended by @cristianisdaman

10. @AllenMireles recommended this post. It’s hard to read, but so important. From SweetSalty, Loving & A Walk To Remember. Beautiful.

11. @cristianisdaman, showing why he is awesome, also recommended this post by TBKCreative. Is a man’s dignity worth $100? Fantastic post in so many ways. Great stuff.

12. @cristianisdaman, when he doesn’t read other peoples’ blogs, writes great posts himself. Check out this one – Google is creating a world where humans can be obsolete. Awesome huh?

13. Great friend (and great mind) @LouImbriano wrote a really inspirational post about how thinking in a slightly different way can mean you’re on your way to success. Make sure you look for his reference of the fly story!

14. @BillBoorman wrote a heckuva post about the line between Google and Big Brother. Where is that line, anyway?

15. My friend @FredMcClimans wants you think about who really can influence the deal. It may not be who you think it is!

16. Another great post from @MentorMarketing this week. If you are considering any sort of online video advertising, this is the post to read!

17. @HeidiCohen asks if you need a Social Media Manager. There’s a lot more to this question than meets the eye!

18. Bob James (aka The Mighty Copywriter) wonders if social proof is all it’s cracked up to be. What do you think?

19. Living up to his Twitter handle, @cristianisdaman sent me yet another post, this one by Jason Cohen. Maybe branding is simultaneously more and less complicated than we are led to believe. Though provoking and perhaps relevant to you right now!

20. It’s hard to choose just 1 post from @pushingsocial, but I think the message here is really important – how to leave great comments on blogs. Guess what? It’s still about being genuine.

21. I loved this post from @SuzanneVara. Social Media is not a new conversation. What it might be is a new tool for small businesses.

22. My friend @mayareguru (Maya Paveza) is working on a project with Chris Brogan’s Human Business Works. Are you a real estate agent who is finding success using Social Media? Now is your chance to tell very interested people all about it.

23. Kat Caverly (@greetums), a new friend of mine, sent me this great and fun post – 5 things to do wrong when you’re having a bad day. Not that any of us have bad days, but just in case..:)

24. I’m delighted that @BethHarte posted a blog about an #IMCChat we had on September 15th (Hard to believe it was that long ago!). Customer focused vs. Customer-Centric. This was a tough topic for me to get my arms around. Let me know what you think!

25. My buddy @TedCoine did a great post this week about the role jealousy plays in business. It could be what is really dragging you or your business down. Do you find yourself experiencing any situations like what Ted examines?

26. Hearing about these new Facebook groups but not sure what all the fuss is about? Great summary by @tommyismyname.

27. Kristen Robinson (@KRDMarketing) reminds you that you, yes you, NEED to be networking. Great reminder of how Social Media could be used to enhance the growth of your new business.

28. If you think news reporters and other people who live & breathe media would have a lovely and loving relationship with Social Media, you, like @SueYoungMedia, and like me, would be surprised.

29. @TamaDear posted a great blog titled “Twisted Sisters,”  about the role of women in business. Perception is not just in the eyes of men. It’s in your own eyes. It’s in the eyes of other women. How’s that all working for ya?

30. I thought this post by Carol Roth was really interesting – we say a lot of things, like “I did my best.” Do we really mean that? What is our best? What are we REALLY saying? (Yes, I’m sending you to MyEscapeVelocity.com in case you didn’t go based on my recommendation earlier this week :)