December 20 #hecklershangout holiday musical bash

We know that a lot of our hecklers are musicians – singers, instrumentalists, and some are both. We thought it would be fun to use our last show before the holidays to showcase your talents. We’re gonna do a 2-hour show, which would allow for 24 5-minute sessions. Remember that we only have limited spots for the hangout, so once you play you’d be able to watch on YouTube. We think this would be a fun way to enjoy each other and have fun. If you’re interested, please sign up and grab a spot!


December 20th Holiday Musical Bash

Marjorie Clayman December 20th Holiday Musical Bash

Listly by Marjorie Clayman

Sign up to be one of 24 (approximately) singers or musicians to entertain the Hecklers\' Hangout crowd!


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  1. 1  7 PM ET - Performer #1

    7 PM ET - Performer #1
  2. 2  7:05 PM ET Performer #2

    7:05 PM ET Performer #2
  3. 3  7:10 PM ET Performer #3

    7:10 PM ET Performer #3
  4. 4  7:15 PM ET Performer #4

    7:15 PM ET Performer #4
  5. 5  7:20 PM ET Performer #5

    7:20 PM ET Performer #5
  6. 6  7:25 PM ET Performer #6

    7:25 PM ET Performer #6
  7. 7  7:30 PM ET Performer #7

    7:30 PM ET Performer #7


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I'll grab the 7:30 spot guys.  Of course we can fill more time if needed.  Just let me know.