Musings on Leadership and Customer Service

Tuesday there are two great chats, #CustServ (which focuses on customer service) and #Leadershipchat, which…wait for it…focuses on leadership!

Here are some posts that I think offer interesting food for thought tied to these two topics. Feel free to add your own!

Customer Service

This post by David Van Toor focuses on the 5 Cs of the Customer Experience. Interestingly, the concept of the 5cs has also been discussed at length in the Integrated Marketing Chat. Can you guess why?

Marsha Collier tweeted out this post by Joseph Michelli, which reviews the Right Now Harris Interactive Customer Experience report. The post is called What you don’t know will hurt! Some very interesting insights there about what customers would pay extra for these days.

Some companies are using Klout to determine if they should respond to your customer service concern. In Kiss my Klout, Charity Hisle points out just a few problems with this approach.


This piece by Kate Nasser, who I actually know from several different chats, is spectacular. The post treats moving from a peer to a boss and all of the complexities involved in that transition. Given our current economic environment, I would imagine this post could help a lot of people. Positions are being filled from within, not from without.

Last week we discussed vulnerability in leadership. This post by Lisa Petrilli, called Getting to the Heart of Vulnerability in Leadership, beautifully offers her personal views on the issue.

To be an effective leader (or marketer, or anything), knowing how to talk effectively to your audience is key. Suzanne Vara writes about this in a brand new post called Are You Talking To Your Audience Effectively?

Hope you enjoy these Tuesday musings and morsels!

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Joseph Michelli
Joseph Michelli

Thank you for kindly quoting me and finding my words worthy of being shared! With gratitude, Joseph.

Lisa Petrilli
Lisa Petrilli

Thank you so much, Margie! Your support and readership means so very much to me! Have a beautiful Thanksgiving holiday and all the very best,


Charity Hisle
Charity Hisle

Thank you for sharing my post with your readers. I look forward to reading all of the other posts you have mentioned here. Consider me subscribed!