My 100 favorite posts of 2010

OK, so to be fair, I was really not reading many blogs (I confess!!!) from January through March. So really, these are my top 100 favorite posts of the last nine months. But 2010 just sounds a lot better. The categories and the posts within each category are listed in no particular order, by the way.

Posts That Made Me Cry

1. You Need a Suzanne Vara, by Chris Brogan. Ok, I’ve mentioned this post a couple of times. I was of course beyond flattered that two amazing and special people would actually  be spending time talking about me, but more than that, I just thought this tribute to Suzanne, who has since become an even more dear friend, was just spectacular and well-deserved.

2. The Power of Not Giving Up – One Blogger’s Story, by Naomi Dunford. This was a guest post at ProBlogger, and not only was I moved by the post itself, but I was also at a point in my budding Social Media career where things didn’t seem to be catching – this post showed me that maybe I wasn’t crazy to think things would get better. If you’re feeling a little low, give this post a read.

3. Why are you scared to be outspoken? by Lisa Barone. A perfect mixture of using the personal to make a professional point, of showing vulnerability and toughness at the same time – and a great message running through it all.

4. The $10 Difference, by Jason Falls. A story of struggle, inspiration, and a call to action.

5. How Social Media Got Me A Message from Superman, by Cristian Gonzales. Cristian had found my #30Thursday posts and asked if he could submit this one. Um, yeah, you think?!? Shake my hand and make me bawl, why doncha? :)

6. Fielding Love: The Walk to Remember, from the Sweet Salty Blog. This was hard to read but I’ll never forget it.

7. What I learned about networking when I asked a stranger for a kidney, by Lisa Petrilli. You’ll well up and you’ll learn at the same time. What could be better?

8. Thankful for her unblessings – an astonishing video by Estrella Rosenberg.

9. A Veterans Day message, a vlog by Amber Cleveland

Posts that made me laugh

10. Food Glorious Food, by Molly Campbell. I love all of Molly’s writing, but this one just sticks out in my head.

11. Bring Your Whole Self To Work, by Tristan Bishop. What’s better than a brilliant dude imitating Shrek & Donkey, anyway?

12. The 7 Deadly Sins of Blogging, by Sonia Simone at Copyblogger. So funny. So smart. So Sonia :)

13. Growing Old Gracefully, by, well, Fadra Nally’s cat! Being a cat person, I loved this post!

Posts that blew my mind

14. It’s time to get to work. Arm yourself with knowledge, by Beth Harte. The amount of information and learning packed into this post is, like, woah.

15. The Social Network: Ecosystem vs. Egosystem, by Brian Solis. If you didn’t need to read this post twice, well, you’re smarter than I am!

16. How to use inception marketing on your blog, by Tommy Walker. A guest post at ProBlogger, this post was enjoyable as the movie!

17. Are we outsourcing common sense to the internet? by Fred McClimans. Brilliant post about the current state of the world, and a lot to think about!

18. The Marketing Solar System: Making it easy for customers makes them more loyal, by Debra Ellis. It’s “just” a picture :)

19 Why PR has its head up its ass, by Danny Brown. This blew my mind in a different way than some of the other posts, but it’s still a great post!

20. Socialopoly: The fictional mashup of Social Media and Monopoly, by Brian Rice. I debated whether to put this in the laugh category or this one, but it’s too freakin brilliant not to include here!

21. Confessions of a Narcissist, by Mitch Joel. This post really made me stop, think, and evaluate. I can’t believe I first read it four months ago!

22. It’s Micro-Local isn’t it? by Maya Paveza. Well, this post still has me puzzling. Maya’s post has ramifications for real estate, but also well beyond real estate. Really amazing insight here.

Perspective-Changing Posts

23. The Fine Art of Chunking, by Jonathan Fields. I’m a “grab the whole pie in your mouth with one fell swoop” kind of person, so the idea of chunking really hit home.

24. Oui Theory, by “Gaga” Susan Fox. I love this post, the tonality, and what it describes.

25. Personal Branding Basics for 2011, by Chris Brogan. Only Chris could use the word “basics” and have it change a way of thinking. Kind of disgusting, really :)

26. You’re Already a Community Manager, by Amber Naslund. And she should know!

27. Ask Better Questions, by Chris Brogan. Well, what can I say. I look up to Chris, and there’s a reason for it. Waddya gonna do ’bout it?

On Marketing

28. Marketing Outsourcing, by Stephane Poirier. A brilliant post, really and truly.

29. Dear Marketing and PR Pros: You’re Still Pushing, by Beth Harte. Beth is a great mind, and this post really exemplifies why. If you’re pushing, you’re not really all about the customer.

30. 12 Questions to ask BEFORE investing in mobile marketing assets, by Joe Ruiz. As mobile starts to catch on fire, this is a great fort of knowledge to reference.

31. When the Orchestra Plays Instead of a Solo, by Mary Biever. A truly great way to explain the value of integrated marketing.

32. I’ve Got a Number in Mind, by Dawn Westerberg. It’s not even just local anymore. It’s one on one, individual to individual.

33. The Three Amigos: Email, Blogging, and Social Sharing, by Jay Baer. A brilliant analysis of why using multiple channels at one time can really open the door to some amazing marketing.

Blogging (Yes, some of my favorite blog posts were about blogging. Let’s move on, shall we?)

34 What is the purpose of your blog? by Suzanne Vara. Seems like an easy question to answer. Not so much, though.

35. Still not sure about launching your blog? by Stanford Smith. This is one of Stan’s shortest posts. I also think it’s one of his best.

36. Why you shouldn’t just blog for yourself, by Stanford Smith again. He is the king of bloggy motivation, at least in my world. This post made me realize that this guy was going to be headed straight towards superstardom.

37. How to use a writing frame, by Chris Brogan. If you’re new to blogging, or if you struggle with writing in general, this post may be just what you’re looking for.

38. The Eminem Guide to Becoming a Writing & Marketing Machine, by Sean Platt at Copyblogger. Even if you aren’t an Eminem fan, you’ll find this post pretty amazing. I am an Eminem fan, so I enjoyed this post all the more.

39. Women in Blogging: 125 Fearless Female Bloggers, by Kristi Hines. Well, aside from the fact that I almost passed out when I saw I was on this list, there is so much to learn. Kristi did such a nice job of rounding up women from all different kinds of industries. It was an honor to be part of that crowd!

Social Media

40. Full Disclosure: I think Social Media Marketing is BS, by Tom Moradpour. An interesting blog title for a fellow who is involved a great deal in Social Media Marketing, non? I thought so, too :)

41. Did Social Networking Kill the High School Reunion? by Chase Adams. An intriguing thought that certainly has rattled around in my brain. What do you think?

42. Building Relationships that Matter, by Suzanne Vara. This was Suzanne’s response to Chris Brogan’s post about her. While some people would just gush, Suzanne sent out the light to other lucky people in her community, including me. It’s what Social Media is all about.

43 Let Your Voice Be Heard, by Amber Cleveland and Kay Whitaker. Such a simple message, again, but it’s true. Social Media has given us all a voice. Why not use it?

44. We probably wouldn’t be friends in real life, by Dawn Westerberg. I love this post, still, and I hope it resonates with you as much as it did with me.

45. We were right, most Social Media numbers are useless, by Mack Collier. The title pretty much says it all. Great points. Very encouraging if you’re new to this world!


44. Is there a crisis in crisis management? by Cheryl Burgess. This is more about the dangers brands face online than branding itself, but still, a very important read.

45. Why personal branding is not just an exercise in egoism, by Cristian Gonzales. Can you build your personal brand without becoming an egomaniac?

46. What’s your MO? Does your brand have conversation starters? by Tom Moradpour. Another jewel by Tom, and a way to promote Movember as well. Not bad, eh?

47. How to manage an enterprise Twitter presence: Avatars, account structure, and basic response methodology, by Olivier Blanchard (aka The Brand Builder). This also easily could have gone into my “Blows my mind” category, but, you kind of have to have Oliver in the branding section. I mean, really.


48. Google and Bing reveal that social influence bumps search engine results, by Mark W. Schaefer. A fairly recent post, but truly fantastic analysis.

49. Improve your influence, by Chris Brogan. Everything I believe about Social Media influence. He takes all my best ideas, I swear :)

50. 6 common habits of highly effective social media rockstars, part 1: The speaking circuit, by Olivier Blanchard. Some interesting points about what real rock-stardom could, or should, look like.

51. The Great Influence Debate – What if Watts and Gladwell are both wrong and right? by Jeff Wilson. I keep coming back to this post because it bowled me over. Give it a read!

Woman Power

52. I hope that you love- or despise – my book cover, by Carol Roth. A very interesting insight into the minefields out there in the publishing world.

53.  Twisted Sisters, by Tamsen McMahon. I love this post. It says so much, and it still resonates with me as strongly as it did 2 months ago.

Motivation – of all kinds

54. Entrepreneurs Share Their 95 Balls-to-the-walls crazy (BTWC) Business Goals, by Carol Roth. When you read some of these goals, you can’t help but think of your own.

55. Diary of a wimpy blogger, by Stan Smith. Read this, then get blogging. Immediately.

56.  Can we really just bury our failures? by Suzanne Vara. Inspired by her Jets, this post got me thinking about all kinds of ways Suzanne’s words could be used as motivation.

57. Your Trajectory and Course-Correction, by Chris Garrett (at My Escape Velocity). All of Chris’s posts are great, but this one has really stuck with me and resonated.

58. Don’t fear making the leap to new beginnings, by Lou Imbriano. This post is so beautifully written, so motivational, personal, and it has a great message to boot. My kind of post, Lou. Well done!

On Social Good

59. This is Tanner, a post by Catherine (HerBadMother). This was the background to the campaign run by Scott Stratten on Twitter, which was one of the most amazing things I have ever witnessed.

60. Air Canada Ignores Dying Boy Til He Goes Viral, by Lisa Barone. Sadly, Lisa’s community of commenters got nasty in some instances, but her post captures the power anyone who witnessed the Tutus for Tanner campaign felt.

61. Teens and Social Media Bullying – Why Find Help App is So Important, by Danny Brown. I found this post to be so helpful that I actually was able to base a chat around it on Twitter, and Danny, being a gentleman, joined in. Layers of good. Like a great cake!

62. Hope: the 1st update, by Megin for Elolam. Learn more about this group. They are doing GREAT things!

63. The New Deal for Charity – You can make a difference, by the ladies of Sterling Hope, Amber Cleveland and Kay Whitaker – using a new business to do social good, and blogging about it. Yep.

64. Thank you! a blog from Tom Moradpour reporting on the Didier Drogba campaign, another amazing Twitter campaign for good.

65. How to be a SuperDad, by Amber Osborne. A bit on our “MitchGiving” campaign for Mitch Neff and his family.

66. Becoming Visible, a post Chris Brogan wrote highlighting the immense good that Mark Horvath is doing in the world.

On Bullying

67.  I was Bullied, by Julie Mangano. A heart-wrenching, brave blog post.

68. Confessions of a Bully, by Kat Caverly. This is an amazing post, and I’m so glad Lady Greetums shared it.

69. On Bullying, by Jim Mitchem. An amazing post and a great perspective.

70. Was I a Bully? By Danny Garcia for The Online Safe House. I love this post. It’s like you’re jumping inside Danny’s head. Gently…

71. Bullying will never go away. So how can we minimize the impacts? by Patrick Prothe for The Online Safe House. Patrick was such a great help this year in blogging for my side project. I owe him a lot.

On Twitter

72. What Twitter’s $200 Million Cash Infusion Means to You, by Heidi Cohen. This is one of Heidi’s best posts, I think. Her analysis is spot on.

73. Being a Twitter snob is a good thing, by Mitch Joel. I still think about this post regularly. Sometimes I think I still disagree with it. Other times, I think I might be coming around a bit. Hard to tell :)

74. Bringing down the Twitter snobs, by Mark Schaefer. Of course, I still think about Mark’s response, too.

75. The #usguys, by Chase Adams. The post that outlined the first vision of this Twitter phenomenon.

76. Slinging #Hashtags at the Virtual Diner, by Karen Lund. This post could be in the “posts that made me cry” section. Karen did a beautiful job (unsolicited) of hitting all of the points that Stan and I were hoping for when we started #Tweetdiner on Twitter 3 months ago. Truly a lovely tribute, and a pretty darned good explanation of what Twitter communities can be about.

On Doing It Right

77. Are Real Estate Agents Interested in Doing Social Media Right or Just Doing It? By Maya Paveza. This post is specific to the Real Estate world, but I think the question applies for everyone.

78. What People Care About (Not Social Media), by Geoff Livingston. Of course, doing it right in Social Media may, just may, not be the most important thing ever. Ssssh.

79. You’re Doing it Wrong, by Chris Brogan. True, this post is from 2009, but Chris sure did link to it a lot this year. So, I’m counting it. Because, well. I am.

Miscellany Goodness

80. I am a marketing stylist, by Lisa Alexander. I just adore Lisa, and this post always brings a smile to my face when I think about it.

81. The College Drop-off: Can we cut the crying parents some slack? By Ann Handley. I just thought this was such a great mixture of happy and sad, proud and, well, sad. I think about it a lot when I think back on my own college days :)

82. The Future of Marketing, by Tommy Walker. Tommy talks about all of the new marketing techniques the scare the heck out of me but make him happy.

83. An Exercise to Develop Your Observational Skills, by Mark Dykeman. I still think about this post a lot. It says so much about the current state of our society.

84. You’re famous, by Seth Godin. I don’t usually find that a lot of Seth’s blog posts stick with me, but this one did. It’s such a positive message. I like positive.

85. The Privatization of Culture and the Illusion of Depth, by Julien Smith. In his most recent post, Julie makes fun of this post and says it was way too obscure. Well, I liked it, Julien. So there. Phhhht.

The #30Thursday Posts

For 86-95, check out holiday reading, a collection of these posts.

Some of these posts are in my top faves on their own, some are not. They’re all worth reading, for sure.

And five posts I wrote meself

I guess it’s okay to pick five of your own favorite posts too, right?

96. I never thought it would happen to me: lessons on community

97. Agencies Can’t.

98. What Lincoln’s Generals Can Teach Us

99. Where will you be 50 years from now?

100. and just for fun (and bitterness), My open letter to LeBron.

I hope you enjoy these 100 posts. I enjoyed reflecting on all of them. Happy Holidays, to those who celebrate.

Craig McBreen
Craig McBreen


Found you by way of Spin Sucks. I've been reading through your blog for about two hours now, so I guess I better get back to work! Thank you for this list. I'll keep coming back for sure.

June Stoyer
June Stoyer

Great review of 2010! Thanks for taking the time to post them.

Fadra Nally
Fadra Nally

Thanks for including me in this impressive list. Well, I mean, thanks for including my CAT. Maybe one day *my* writing will impress you enough. My goal for 2011? To have a featured post in every single category.

And actually, I'm really excited to read all of these. Thanks!



Thanks again for including me in this amazing list. Besides all the wonderful articles, one of the things that I enjoyed most was that it exposed me to some new bloggers that I will now continue to checkout in the new year.

To all those on the list - fantastic job! Your writing inspires me to keep honing my abilities.

Enjoy the holidays!

Joe Hage
Joe Hage

I can only speculate how long it took you to assemble this list! By the time I finish these posts, I'll be ready for your 2011 roundup!

Suzanne Vara
Suzanne Vara


Now this is one fine list of blog posts that are some of the greatest for the year. I am pleased to see that I was not the only one to cry over Chris' post. I am still pinching myself to see if it is real. He is amazing and is always so eager to help the community. I can never say enough about him as we know. To that end, I can never say enough about the content that you provide in your articles as well. It is always pleasing to the eyes to come on over and read your articles.

I am truly honored to see my posts included. It has been my pleasure to get to know you and boy do we have a lot of plans in 2011. Working hard or should I say patiently (ok you got me, impatiently) waiting to get my things worked out so that we will be free get the tour going. Just remember stand on Route 80 and your chariot shall come!

I stand here with such an esteemed group of bloggers and articles. I have been very fortunate this year to have the success I have had in blogging and seeing my name here with so many fantastic bloggers just adds to that success.

Thank you Margie for thinking of me and for all your support to the blog.

Karen E. Lund
Karen E. Lund

So, I was just kinda scrolling down the list... Read the first couple of links, then realized I need to bookmark this and return later... Checked out the subject groups and spent a little time with the posts that made you laugh... scroll, scroll... Noticed a few familiar titles and a few authors whose names are familiar but I seem to have missed that particular post... scroll, scroll... Oh, my goodness! There's one of mine!

Thank you so much, Margie! I'm very glad that you enjoyed my post about #TweetDiner and the wonderful work you and Stanford Smith have done to build an online community. Modesty aside, I'm never a good judge of my own writing, but this has been by far the most-viewed post I've written, so I bow to your judgment.

And now you have your come-uppance (as my Scottish Grandmother used to say), because you have turned me to mush by including one of my posts among your 100 favorite. I am honored, touched, and... well, kinda mushy.

Margie Clayman
Margie Clayman

Well it all comes around, doesn't it? Glad to return the mush. You deserve it, for that post and for all you do :)

Happy Mushadays!

Heidi Cohen
Heidi Cohen

Margie--As always, you've curated an amazing list of gems. Great holiday reading for those of nuggets you've brought to light.

I appreciate that you included me on this list, especially for my Twitter analysis post since I spent time thinking about how to bring different insights to the conversation.

Lastly, I'd like to second Lisa Petrilli's comments about getting to know you via social media. You're one of the people who's enriched my life and made me think hard about issues.

Happy marketing,
Heidi Cohen

Margie Clayman
Margie Clayman

thanks so much, Heidi. The good news for me is that the feeling is entirely mutual :)

Mark W Schaefer
Mark W Schaefer

errr, "post"

We need a comment system that can "edit" don't we? LinkedIn has one, why not blogs?

Margie Clayman
Margie Clayman

Well, I mean...I can edit for people. It makes me feel kind of powerful :)

Hmm. Everyone's gonna wonder if I'm shifting comments around now. Fun!

I've been thinking about putting Disqus on my site, but I dunno. Still waffling.

Cheryl Burgess
Cheryl Burgess

Hi Margie!

Thank You!

It is truly an honor to be included in your Top 100 Blogs for 2010. Not only do you delight our community with your insightful & witty contributions in chat rooms, but you surprise us with your year-end blog!

Happy Holidays!

Margie Clayman
Margie Clayman

Well thanks, Cheryl. Your post was a really important alert for marketers and businesses, and it has stuck with me since I read it, so of course I had to have it here :)

Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Danny Brown
Danny Brown

Hey there Margie,

Ha, now THIS is what I call a year-end round-up! :)

Thanks a lot for including a couple of my posts here, really appreciate it. Particularly glad that the Find Help post was one of them - like you, I think that's a hugely important topic and one that will only grow in importance in the coming 12 months. And the chat with you and everyone else on Twitter was a perfect complement.

Looking forward to catching up on some of the ones you've mentioned here that I haven't read yet - great bookmark.

Here's to you and yours having a wonderful Christmas and a healthy and hearty 2011!

Margie Clayman
Margie Clayman

Thanks Danny!

Best wishes for a great 2011 :) I think your post helped a lot of people learn about ways to keep kids (and adults for that matter) safe online.

Lisa Petrilli
Lisa Petrilli


Honored to have my young blog included in this veritable cornucopia of experts, and especially touched that you chose a post so close to my heart. It has been a joy getting to know you via Twitter and, as I mentioned earlier today, I know we'll meet soon and I just have a feeling we'll collaborate on something transformational for us both.

All the best of success to you in 2011,


Margie Clayman
Margie Clayman

That's certainly something to look forward to, my friend :) Be well!

Dawn Westerberg
Dawn Westerberg

This will keep me occupied for days! What a great list. And thank you, thank you, thank you - I am so honored to be included. Margie, you are so kind to me!