My 100-Item Bucket List

So I’ve been thinking about this ever since Geoff Livingston published his list of 101 things he wants to do before he dies. Then Jayme Soulati published a list of 20 things and Gini Dietrich published a list of 10. Well, I’m somewhere in the middle – sort of. I thought I’d come up with a list of 100. So here we go.

1. Get a puppy (hypo-allergenic please)

2. Get a house (hypo-allergenic please)

3. See London

4. See Paris

5. See Rome

6. Tour Italy in general – I’d love to see Florence, Venice..all of those ancient cities

7. See Eddie Izzard live – before he gets too old or senile

8. See Louis CK live – my brother has done this 4 times now I think. I should get one roll, right?

9. See Neil Young live

10. See Elvis Costello live

11. Run a marathon (even still)

12. Adopt a kid or 3

13. Learn French

14. Brush up on my Spanish

15. Learn some new language – Chinese maybe

16. Attend a rally of great magnitude for a cause in which I believe

17. Start an NPO

18. Learn how to quilt

19. Write a book about something historical

20. Travel the Lewis & Clark trail

21. Visit the Shiloh Battlefield

22. Meet you in person if I haven’t already

23. See a Broadway show

24. Start my stand-up comedian career (I have the name already – Yes I’m Really Standing)

25. Tour Scandinavia

26. Take a cruise – just so I can say I did. A trip around the Bahamas would be ok.

27. Visit New Zealand and take a hobbit tour

28. Visit Australia – as much of it as possible

29. Tour Scotland

30. Try to find my ancestral home in Ireland

31. Try to find my ancestors in Russia

32. Buy a whole new wardrobe

33. Knit a sweater (so scary)

34. Speak at a conference that is big and illustrious

35. Meet Johnny Depp

36. Meet Paul Rudd

37. Go to California, specifically San Francisco

38. See the Grand Canyon

39. Visit the Black Hills

40. Try to track down my Cherokee ancestors

41. Visit Savannah, Georgia

42. Get a seaside condo – somewhere. And post as many pictures as I can

43. Learn how to cook lamb chops – really. This intimidates the heck out of me

44. Learn how to make sushi (see above)

45. Achieve my goal weight of 80 pounds (hopefully this happens long before I cease to exist. I’d like to enjoy it.

46. Swim in the Mediterranean

47. Swim in the Caribbean

48. Learn how to use a sewing machine without breaking it (major hurdle)

49. Visit the Alamo

50. Visit New York City – the outskirts mainly

51. Visit Montreal (so close and yet so far)

52. Visit Kauai

53. Hike part of the Appalachian Trail

54. Camp on a Civil War battlefield

55. Watch a Civil War reenactment (hi – dork)

56. Get an article published based on my Master’s thesis – I still believe in Phillis Wheatley

57. Earn my doctorate in history

58. Earn an MBA

59. Boost our company into worldwide reknown

60. Get a tattoo – not sure of what or where

61. Become an efficient bicyclist

62. Watch Wimbledon live and in person

63. Find my second grade love and reconnect

64. Go on an African safari (Before the animals all are gone)

65. Visit the rainforest

66. See the remains of the Incas in Peru

67. Do a Yoga handstand thingy – (one could add – learn the name of it)

68. Visit Mozart in Austria

69. Tour the Vatican

70. Tour Israel (if things ever calm down there)

71. See Mozart’s Requiem performed live

72. Sing in a choir that does gospel music

73. Go to the Rhinebeck Yarn & Fiber festival

74. Learn how to spin yarn properly

75. Grow my own food (Plant matter – not sure I could kill and prep an animal. I know my limits)

76. Learn how to make bread

77. Make a great big Thanksgiving turkey dinner rivaling my mom & grandma

78. Learn how to make pies

79. See a concert at Carnegie Hall

80. Visit the Holocaust Museum in DC – it will be difficult but it must be done

81. See Ground Zero in NYC – see above

82. See the Jon Stewart & Steve Colbert shows live

83. Have a giant party where I get to enjoy as many of my friends and family as possible

84. Find that super special dude who wants to put up with me for the rest of his life

85. Visit Spain – Barcelona, Madrid, Salamanca

86. Visit Anne Frank’s House and the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam

87. See Hamburg and Berlin

88. Go on a huge canoe trip (hopefully someone else wants to do most of the rowing)

89. Visit Seattle

90. Make a life-changing impact for the better on a person

91. Travel with Doctors Without Borders to help in a catastrophe

92. Encourage other women to join the business world

93. Travel cross-country on a train

94. See the Laura Ingalls Wilder museum in Missouri (I think)

95. Visit Monticello

96. See Oxford and Cambridge for myself

97. Tour Athens

98. Read all of Shelby Foote’s books

99. Guest teach a class or five

100. Help someone else’s big wish come true

Now it’s your turn :)

Image Credit: via Creative Commons