The ABCs of Marketing Myths – A New E-Book

Now available at the Kindle Store!! Just click -> HERE! 

Hello! I am VERY excited to announce that I have self-published an official e-book! As you can see above, it’s called The ABCs of Marketing: Rumors and Lies the Online World Has Spread about the Ancient Art of Marketing (you can click here to preview the first 15 pages or to purchase. See below for important information regarding the e-book).

If you have been to this blog on a semi-regular basis over the last year or so, you may have seen some portions of this book already. I published letters A-Q here on the blog, although they have all been slightly modified for the book. Letters R-Z are only available in the book, however.

So what is this book about? Well, with one of my feet in the more “traditional” marketing world and the other of my feet in the online world, I have a sort of unique opportunity see both sides talk about the other. There are certainly plenty of people who still don’t really “get” social media. But it’s been interesting to see how the online world has begun talking about many core principles of marketing. Indeed, some online personalities have gone so far as to declare marketing dead (along with everything else). This kind of statement has always struck me as being rather over the top, but just saying that doesn’t really create a solid basis for conversation. And conversation is what I think marketers online and offline need. Too many people are painting with brushes that are too broad. “Agencies are bad.” “Email marketing is easy.” We need to talk about these things in productive ways for the betterment of companies operating in this crazy world.

I’m really hoping that people who read this book will start asking their own questions. I hope this inspires some more useful, helpful conversation than what seems to be the norm these days. I hope it helps people who are getting messages from the online world that might not jive with their offline experiences.

If you are interesting in purchasing this book, there are a few things I want you to know.

As of now, the book is only available for Apple devices (iPhone, iPad). The book is also only available on Blurb. If things go well I will look into moving the book into a more readily accessible platform.

If you want to purchase the book, click here.

Please ignore the option for the print version. Blurb just requires that you have that option present. 

Here are detailed instructions on how to download the book once you purchase it:

Download using either your (1) iPhone/iPad or (2) your Mac/PC:

  1. Your iPad or iPhone:
    • In Safari go to, sign in to your account, and then go to the book details page for your book.
    • On the right-hand side find the button that says Get ebook for iPad, iPhone, iPod.
    • Choose Download for iTunes from the drop down. (A progress bar will appear at the top of the screen).
    • After the file downloads choose “Open in iBooks” to open the file. Getting an error message? Make sure you have iBooks first!
  2. A Mac or PC:
    •  Go to the book details page for your book.
    • On the right-hand side click Get ebook for iPad, iPhone, iPod.
    • Use any of the four options to load your ebook
      • Text message – Open this message on your iPhone and tap the link. After the file downloads choose “Open in iBooks” to open the file.
      • Email – Open this email in the iPad mail client and click the link. After the file downloads choose “Open in iBooks” to open the file.
      • QR code – Use a QR reader to open the link. After the file downloads choose “Open in iBooks” to open the file.
      • Download for iTunes – Click this to download your ebook to your computer to manually add to your iTunes library.
I hope that you enjoy the book should you decide to purchase it. If you have any questions, difficulties, concerns, or feedback, please let me know.
Thank you!!


It's the most logical next step. You are a brilliant and prolific writer. This I am sure is just the beginning of many to come. Your book is now on the Top Shelf of my iPad library next to Divine Justice by Baldacci, and Winnie-The-Pooh.

Yours Truly,



Dear Ms. Clayman: I know this will sound weird, but I am just so proud of you I am close to tears.

Well. Done.


Margie, congrats on your first eBook. Read the preview and looking forward to your unique and insightful perspective on the varied options available to help companies select their optimal marketing platform.


Big congrats, my friend:) Cheers! Kaarina


Congrats, I would love to get this on my new Kindle Fire that I just won from @Adam Toporek I know it's a good read if you wrote it. 


Congrats Margie. I am working on my own "blog to book" with Rachel Thompson. I promise to download as soon as available on Kindle and cannot wait to read and comment.


Congrats, Margie! Let me know when it's available on Kindle!

margieclayman moderator

 @Gaga Divine company!


I don't know if it's the most logical step but it is definitely *a* step. We'll see what happens :)


Thanks, Susan! 

margieclayman moderator

 @Elaine_Fogel Thanks Elaine. I'm hoping Blurb updates soon so that e-books are available on more devices. Right now I'm pretty locked in. I'll keep you posted!