Welcome To #WomenWednesday

Hi there, everyone!

I am very excited to announce that every Wednesday for the next year, I’m going to be writing a post here on ye Olde Blog as part of a series I am calling Women Wednesday (or #womenwednesday for you G+ and Twitter fans).

This series stems from too many posts I’m reading that make me want to tear my hair out. Whether it’s, “all women are like this” or “all women should do this,” these posts continually insist on painting all women (and all men) as exactly the same. I guess if I had to write a tagline for this new series, it would be something like,

“Our alikeness ends at the womb.”

I am hoping for a lot of lively conversation. I am also hoping that men weigh in freely on these posts. The purpose is to start a dialogue that we really need to have.

What will be talking about on Wednesdays for the next year? Here is the list!

1. Today we start!

2. But you’ve gained so much ground!

3. Who loves kids more than women?

4. Don’t tell women what to do cuz they’re listening to me.

5. Women aren’t mean enough to win

6.  The cussing game

7. Incoming! The Direct Message

8. It’s so cute when she talks smart

9. Sexism hurts dads, too

10. Shoot. Where’d my husband go?

11. Cuz women like to talk and shop

12. Maybe I’ll just go naked…

13. You’re just a Feminazi

14. Women will never be satisfied

15. The Mommy-Blogger phenomenon

16. All women are the same

17. All men are the same

18. Women aren’t competitive

19. If you like pink you’re dumb

20. Full time moms don’t deserve abuse

21. The super-mom myth

22. The non-entity dad myth

23. The online grapevine

24. I like you cuz you’re hot

25. Women hate technology

26. I need a man to help me out

27. If you’re not a wife or a mom you’re not busy

28. What is brave?

29. Is the glass ceiling really broken?

30. Is it easier to abuse women online?

31. Online resources to help women

32. The pressure to be the star

33. “Best of the women” lists

34. Where are the non-white women?

35. Anger equals witch with a B

36. Women lead differently. Right?

37. Career women are probably cold and unfeeling.

38. Why women do start-ups

39. The lies women tell

40. Women are conniving. Men are clever.

41. What is taboo for the online woman?

42. Hear women. And listen.

43. Girl on girl bullying – it starts young

44. Strength in numbers…or Heathers?

45. Women as bosses

46. The strengths women exhibit online

47. Fighting for women doesn’t mean disliking men

48. Ten great resources about online women

49. Ten great businesswomen online

50. Ten great women who spread social good online

51. Ten great women you may not know (but should)

52. Concluding Thoughts

I am really excited about discussing these topics with you throughout 2012. I hope you’re excited, too!

Image Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kheelcenter/5279671012/ via Creative Commons


Saw the #womenwednesday tag on Google Plus and followed it here to see what the source was. I didn't think it originated with men shooting photos of hot chicks. 

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First Margie, I'm floored that you've already got 52 topics planned out for next year. Wow!

I love the tagline, "Our alikeness ends at the womb." and can't wait to read this series. And thank you for making the effort to indicate this is a topic for everyone and won't be a man bashing / blaming series. Looks like you've already got 2012 off to a great start!


EXCELLENT!! I always love your writing and so, I will eagerly anticipate these Wednesday gems in 2012. Like @spofcher , I am SO impressed that you have the entire year's weekly topics prepared. I think I need a @margieclayman in my life!! #organized



I am looking forward to the weekly posts. You always have thought provoking thoughts / writings.

Am in awe that you have each weekly topic prepared already.


Love it, Margie! You can count me in as a man that will gladly weigh in! And I second Brian below, you are a destroyer of stereotypes! Write on!


This sounds like such a great topic and I'm sure it will spur lots of conversations! I look forward to reading your always informative and entertaining posts each week.


Amazing focus and love that you made your list of 52 right off the bat! Looking forward to this weekly post and thank you so much for speaking your mind about social media, women's issues, social good and so many things. You are an inspired blogger - so impressed!


If anyone is going to help breakdown sterotypes with their creative writing, it would be you! I love that you have it all planned out and am looking forward to seeing this become reality.


Wow. Great list. Totally in awe of your "planned" topics for 2012...and looking forward to reading the posts!


Awesome idea... I admire the way you can layout plans for a complete year in a very organized way.

I am also curious to see read this posts!


I think this a fab idea :o) I'm not usually one to get involved in female focused discussion but these look really interesting.

margieclayman moderator

@spofcher Well thanks! Like I said below, I tried doing a series the "not thought-out" way and oddly enough it didn't work out as well as I would have, well, planned :)

margieclayman moderator

@douglaserice Very glad to hear it, Doug. I don't want this to be a fight. I want it to be a conversation.

margieclayman moderator

@Milaspage Thanks MIla. That is indeed my general sentiment and my general concept :) Glad you're excited!